Gel Manicures Vs. Dip Powder

Gel Manicures Vs. Dip Powder: Which One Should You Choose?

Nothing can be more annoying than a chipped nail or smudged nail polish right before a party or an office event. Your manicure may not last long enough to survive your daily schedule and may crack away before you get to flaunt it.   Luckily, new varieties of chip-resistant manicures show a lot of promise for busy bees like you. The popular ones being the gel manicure and dip powders. They are both great options for lustrous, eye-catching naiRead More

Health Issues in Senior Dogs

Common Health Issues in Senior Dogs

It doesn’t matter how old your dog becomes, since we always tend to think of them as a puppy who will always be with us. It’s hard to accept that your dog is getting older, and it’s important to watch out for health conditions that senior dogs often suffer from. Here are a few common health issues that a senior dog may suffer from one day. When Do You Consider a Dog a Senior? Typically, dogs are considered senior age when they reach sRead More

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