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10 Things You Should Know About Paratransit


If you are not that familiar with paratransit, it’s the right time to learn more about it. Well, paratransit is a public ride for people with disabilities. In fact, many elderly people get help from this. As the use of technology is increasing, paratransit providers are upgrading their services. They are implementing new ideas to offer the best and hassle-free services to their customers. In this case, NEMT paratransit software is one of the best things in this transportation world. By using this software, drivers are reaching customer’s locations easily. In fact, there are various things that we are going to share later. In the following, we are going to share some essential things you should know about paratransit. 

  1. Many People Use Para Transit

There’s a myth about para transit that most people don’t use this service. However, it’s completely wrong. People are using this type of transport more nowadays. According to some reliable sources, the US records around 225 million paratransit passenger trips each year. 

2. Paratransit is a Public Transport

Many people think that para transit is for some limited special people. In reality, it’s more of public transport. In fact, various public transport providers are including this type of transport. Plus, a provider needs to be more dedicated towards customers. 

3. Paratransit Began in the 1970s

Well, most people think that paratransit is a new thing. However, it’s not that new at all. This type of specialist transport service has been around since the 1970s in the US. The main goal of this service was to make transportation more flexible for people with mobility issues. 

4. More Vehicles Are Used For Paratransit

As the para transit service is upgrading, more and more people are using this service. This is why service provides are using more vehicles for para transit. According to some sources, around 68,559 vehicles for paratransit service in 2013. 

5. Para Transit is Described as a dial-a-ride

Paratransit is popular as dial-a-ride or on-demand service where a customer can reach the service provider easily. On the other hand, this type of service is also known as origin-to-destination service where the customers will get the facility from the point of their origin to point of destination.

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6. Paratransit is Costly to Operate

A paratransit driver needs to do more things than a normal public bus driver. From taking care of the people with mobility issues to reach them to their destination, the service provider has to be careful. This is why para transit is expensive to operate. 

7. All Paratransit is Demand-responsive

One thing you need to know about para transit is it’s a demand-responsive service. However, not all demand-responsive or ride-sharing transports are not part of para transit. 

8. The expectation of Para Transit

When para transit transportation started, the main goal was to give a special service to those people with mobility issues. Plus, it was designed for a limited area for affordable travel. However, this ride sharing service has become quite popular nowadays. 

9. Applications Should be Reviewed Within 21 Days

If a para transit agency hasn’t checked the application of ADA paratransit eligibility within 21 days of the application, they have to treat the applicant as their customer. However, if the agency is denying the application, you have to contact another transit service provider.

10. Most Companies Are Using Advanced Technology 

As we noted before, paratransit has been here since the 1970s. However, most agencies are upgrading their service by implementing advanced methods. For example, some providers are using NEMT para transit software to make this transport more popular among people with mobility issues. 

Things to Know About NEMT Paratransit Software

As the use of technology is increasing, we will get more advanced services. In the following, we are covering how NEMT software is changing the para transit world with its advanced features. 

  • Real Time Reporting

One of the best features of NEMT paratransit software is real time reporting. This application will help you by generating accurate reports if you need fundamental disclosure. In fact, you will be able to see reports of different customers. 

  • Optimized For Mobile
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We know the use of mobile devices is increasing every year. NEMT para transit software comes with advanced technology and is optimized for mobile devices. This application is compatible with both Android and iOS to give customers top-notch services. 

  • Computerized Scheduling

As you can see, para transit is a crucial thing. So, managing everything could be difficult for some providers. With NEMT software, it has become easier than ever. This application has a computerized scheduling feature that will help you optimize routes. 

  • Integrated Mapping

No matter what public ride you are offering, proper visual mapping could be very beneficial. Your driver will be able to reach the customer’s location easily. This NEMT para transit software has an integrated mapping feature, so you don’t need to purchase a map. 

  • Client Management

A good service provider needs advanced client management support. NEMT software can help you enable enlisting new customers by capturing data such as addresses, type of disability, and more. 


Finally, you know the essential things about para transit. As we mentioned above, paratransit software can be very useful. Make sure you are checking NEMT software if you need this transport for yourself or your family member. For more information, you can directly contact a para transit service provider. 


Q: What is Paratransit used for?

Para transit is a shared public ride dedicated to people with disabilities. It is used as a ‘safety net’ for people with physical disabilities and elderly citizens. 

Q: How does para transit work?

A para transit driver provides service to people with medical mobility issues. Moreover, the driver will go beyond a normal public transport driver to help people. 

Q: What is the example of paratransit?

There are various examples of para transit including van services, on-demand vehicles buses, shuttles, and more. Some providers manage all of these things by using a para transit software. 

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