3 Expert Tips on Shopping for Adult Toys


The sex toy industry has been experiencing steady growth over the years. Recent reports claimed that a leading adult toy retailer in Australia generated a whopping 42% sales increase during March 2020, while most of the states in the country implemented a lockdown restriction due to the pandemic. The sales of sex machines and other adult toys spiked significantly, as the government barred couples from two households from seeing and spending time with each other. 

While more people are now interested in buying sex toys, not everyone has the right idea about the factors to look for when purchasing these toys. Here are several expert tips on how to buy a new sex toy.  

#1: Check Out the Materials

Some people are already contented with sex toy products labelled as “waterproof.” But ideally, they need to find items that will not cause any problems on their genitals, especially the vagina. 

Experts believe people must be very particular about the materials used in creating the sex toy tester. It should be composed of body-safe materials to avoid pain. You need to look for sex machines and other adult toys made from stainless steel or silicone parts as much as possible. 

#2: Understand How You Concentrate on Your Pleasure Zones

There is no such thing as “one size fits all” in the adult toy industry. Everyone has different ways of achieving pleasure. Some people are looking for blended orgasms, which means they need sex machines to tap into different erogenous zones

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Sex experts suggest that those interested in buying sex toys must analyse the sensations they want to feel while using the products. Some people want rumbly sensations, while others feel pleasure with suction motions. It will also help if they have an idea about the areas of their body that provide them with the best pleasure. It will help them decide on the products that they could buy in adult shops. 

#3: Learn the Intensity Settings

Some people feel pleasure faster compared to others. If they feel that it may take a while before they can reach orgasm, they must look for products that come with a wide range of settings. 

The common strength of sex toys ranges from soft, slow pulsations to deep and rumbling, then very rapid and powerful. To determine which settings provide them with the best pleasure, they need to evaluate themselves if they enjoy a subtle or stronger stimulation. They must also find toys that come with various intensity levels so they can explore their preferences. 

Bonus Tips: 

It is extremely important to consider the adjustability of the sex machines that one intends to buy, before making the purchase. Since bodies have different shapes and sizes, it is crucial to find an item that adjusts easily. The right position can help them hit the erogenous spots properly, so it is necessary to find an adjustable product. 

Interested buyers may also consider looking for additional attachments in their sex machines for more pleasure. Some of these products come with dildos in various sizes for the ladies, while others have a prostate attachment for the male users. 

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Most importantly, it is crucial to find high-quality sex toys. It will not only assure you that you get the most pleasure and satisfaction but allows you to enjoy the product for as long as possible. 

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