How to fix your leather

4 Steps to on How to fix your leather


 When it comes to leather, real is better. Most people are inclined to genuine leather for several reasons. Some of them include:

  • Premium quality 

Leather is generally premium quality. It is breathable, strong, flexible, and comfortable. Sometimes your favorite leather item may be subject to wear and tear. But you can learn how to fix your leather

  • Lasts longer

Buying real leather can be a sort of investment. Your leather shoes, coats, and other favorite items can last you a lifetime. If you treat them right, your favorite everyday wear will serve you a lifetime. 

  • Easy to clean

Yes! With genuine leather, you get a high maintenance look without putting much effort into cleaning. That is because it is effortless to clean. 

All you need is a clean damp cloth and mild soap. Cleaning once in a while will keep your leathers in perfect condition. 

  • Leather is timeless

Come to think of it, leather has been in style for the longest time. Whether its shoes, jackets, or a handbag, it is a priceless look that will leave you feeling good no matter the season. 

  • Eco-friendly

Genuine leather is natural and has fewer allergens and toxins. The manufacture of the same is mi minimizes pollution, and the fabric is biodegradable.

Have you broken your walking boots? Have the straps of your favorite leather handbag or handles suddenly come off? The good news is, you can come up with a way to fix this.

How to fix your leather

To fix your favorite leather item, you can consider using the best super glue for leather. It may sound challenges to hack, but below are a few steps on how to use the ideal super glue for leather:

  • Prepare the surfaces before you begin applying.
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You need to look at both surfaces to ensure that they overlap well. That also creates enough space to work on fixing the item.

  • Clean the surfaces thoroughly using a damp cloth

Both surfaces need to have a bit of moisture before applying the leather glue. That will help create a long-lasting bond. The two surfaces will also stick together better. Dirt will keep this from happening. 

  • Apply leather glue to one of the parts

The best leather glue will help you on how to fix your leather. Ensure that your choice of glue has strong bonds and is non-drip. Join the two parts together in the intended position. 

If you do not get it right for the first time, you could still reposition the parts with glue after applying.

  • Remove any excess glue.

If you’ve used too much leather adhesive, you need to wipe it off. White spirit could help with this.  If you had some of it leak out while applying pressure on the parts, ensure to clean it up. 

If it’s already dry, you may consider using a blade to chop it off. Be keen not to damage your favorite leather item in the process. 

Since you’ve learned how to fix your leather, you do not have to dispose of your favorite shoes, handbags, or walking boots. No matter the kind of leather that needs fixing, the ideal adhesive glue will fix that. 

How to tell if your leather is genuine

  1. Genuine leather will say “Genuine Leather” if it is
  2. The grain should have imperfections.
  3. Pinch the material between your fingers. If it is genuine leather, it will lighten up in color where it’s folded.
  4. The item should have a natural leather smell.
  5. All the best as you learn how to fix your leather!

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