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5 Reasons You Need to Use Scent Marketing Strategies for Your Business


Did you know that smell and emotion are stored as one memory?

That means that if you remember your first trip to grandma’s house on one Christmas morning, you probably correlate smells to it. You may remember the scent of the cookies baking and the candle burning on the table. When that scent pops up randomly, you’ll connect it back to that specific memory at grandma’s house.

Because of this, it is essential that you use scent marketing for your business. We’ve outlined a few more reasons to use a scent marketing strategy below.

  1. Triggered Memories

As we mentioned before, scents can trigger memories.

Many furniture stores use smells that resemble a type of honey to trigger memories of home, like baking cookies or barbequeing.

Since scents can trigger memories, it also affects people’s emotions. If you are triggering happy memories, people are more likely to make a purchase when they are remembering something happy.

  1. Increased Sales

Scent marketing can increase sales because it changes people’s perception of their experience. If they walk into a store and it smells good, they will most likely stay a bit longer to roam around. Odds are that if they are staying longer, they are seeing more products that they may end up purchasing.

For example, if kitchen stores or appliance sections of stores put apple or honey scented things in the aisles, people associate that with food and good memories. They are more likely to make a purchase from that aisle.

  1. Affect Mood

It’s no surprise that scents affect human moods. Just like essential oils can make people feel good and relaxed, the same goes with other types of scents as well like Santal.

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Choosing the right scent is crucial to affecting your shopper’s moods in the right way.

  1. Combat Odors

Have you ever walked into a store and scrunched up your nose because you were getting a weird smell? You probably didn’t stay in that store very long, and more likely didn’t purchase anything from them.

By adding in scents to your store, you are able to cover up any odors that may be around the store from hundreds of people coming into the store, random food that people were eating, or anything else.

  1. Improves Brand Recognition

If you’ve ever walked into Abercrombie, you immediately know you’re there from the strong scent of perfumes and colognes. You are able to recognize this brand.

Yankee Candle is another store that you probably could recognize just walking by.

By increasing the brand recognition, you automatically correlate the brand with memories and scents and will be more likely to make a purchase.

Use Scent Marketing For Your Business

If you aren’t using scent marketing for your business, you need to get on that right away!

You’ll drive more sales and increase brand recognition that you didn’t have before.

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