Guide For Cartier Santos

A Guide For Cartier Santos And Its Best Timepieces


A watch is essential for some people, and we cannot deny that it is an efficient way to tell time with one glance. People find wristwatches as another embezzlement in your everyday outfit. This article will dwell more about Cartier Santos and how they became a known timepiece creator for people who always prefer an easy to grab watches at an affordable price. 

What You Need To Know About Cartier Santos

The Cartier Santos watch brand is one of the creators of extraordinary timepieces that go way back but still delivers quality and elegance in a watch. It all started when their co-creator had troubles with his or her pocket watches, and creating a watch that is easier to access is what pushed them to create an efficient collection of timepieces. 

They created a watch with a specific bezel and strap to directly show their brand. Years later, the Cartier Santos came up with an astonishing collection known as the Santos De Cartier. Models of this collection have features that stayed as is with the original one. The difference is that added upgraded features would fit the liking of people who are into modern watch trends. 

They created models that stunned some for having yellow golden plates and bezels of a different kind. Many people loved the creations of Cartier Santos, and up until now, they are a massive fan of their unique timepieces. This article will also give you three of the best watches from the Cartier Santos brand that people love.  

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The Santos De Cartier 100  

For this brand is known for its designed and shaped cases, the Santos De Cartier 100 model effortlessly reflects the creators’ beautiful figure. This watch is a giant watch compared to others. A crown having 41.3mm by 51.1mm is considerable and would fit people who want to wear it as their go-to watch. 

With that being said, it fits the wrists of users of any size. The watch comes with a strap made of steel, black leather, an alligator strap, or even having a golden yellow bezel. The bezel added to the Santos De Cartier 100 is very eye-catching and stunning when worn on wrists. This watch is excellent because of the proper alignment of watch lugs to the user’s wrist. 

The Santos De Cartier 35.6mm Mother Of Pearl Unisex Watch

Cartier Santos showcased their brand’s extraordinary designs. They introduce yet another great wristwatch made from carved leather and stainless steel. With the goal of perfection, this timepiece gives off a graceful yet simple design to it. It has a dial designed in silver with an hour of Roman Numeral and watches index markers. 

The Santos De Cartier’s Chronograph Men’s Watch

This model is included in the Santos De Cartier series having a specific model of WSSA0017. This timepiece specifically made for men to wear and enjoy since it has a masculine design to it. This model is considered the top men’s watches of Cartier Santos for its excellent luminescent finish, with luminous black watch hands. 

Its style is based on luxury watches, and it has the capability of resisting water from one hundred meters to three hundred thirty feet. Although this model is designed with rubber materials, people still love it as it always gives off a luxurious feel. The watch runs with a 1904 CH MC Caliber movement of Cartier.

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Having a watch on your wrist adds to your everyday style and gives you a way to tell time efficiently. If you are looking for the best watch to purchase, consider Cartier Santos collections, for they give out the best of the best mostly in coming up with unique designs that would fit everyone. 

The timepiece’s longevity is also an aspect people should look out for in terms of purchasing watches. In Cartier Santos, the watch will serve you for years, even if you wear it daily. Consider Cartier Santos timepieces as your everyday wristwatch to give you a classy, elegant, or look. 

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