Anthony Fauci Gets COVID Vaccine Along With Other Top Officials

Anthony Fauci Gets COVID Vaccine Along With Other Top Officials


On Tuesday, December 22, Anthony Fauci gets COVID vaccine and sets an example for everyone else. Over time, Fauci has become like the face of the coronavirus pandemic response of the federal government. It was an inspiring event to witness when Fauci didn’t think twice, rolled up his sleeves, and volunteered for the Moderna vaccination.

Anthony Fauci is presently one of the best infectious disease experts in the US. However, during this vaccination event, he was not alone to volunteer. Along with him were Alex Azar and Dr. Francis Collins. They are the human and Health Services secretary and Director of the National Health Institute, respectively. Besides, there was also a group of NIH frontline health workers.

In an interview after Anthony Fauci gets COVID vaccine, he reveals that he intended to show everyone that he is very confident. He also highlights that the vaccines are all developed under professional scientists and have undergone all certifications by the National Institute of Health. Besides, Fauci also posed with two thumbs up after his vaccination was over.

Anthony Fauci gets COVID vaccine to set an example for others

According to Anthony Fauci, what is happening right now is the outcome of thorough research over the years. Referring to the discovery of the COVID vaccine, he says that the results are highly unprecedented. Starting from accepting that we have to deal with a new pathogen, an epidemic beginning from January, to not even a year to discover vaccines that can save so many people, it was a very long journey. Fauci adds that he feels proud and honored to be able to be a part of this process.

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On the other hand, Alex Azar says that everything looks like a miracle because having a vaccine within less than a year was magical  With the presence of the vaccine, there is so much hope of saving thousands of lives. Besides, it is now possible to fight all the odds and bring the COVID chapter to an end.

Azar adds that scientific achievement is extraordinary, but receiving the vaccine will not affect us if we don’t follow other aspects. For example, social distancing, wearing masks, and more. Otherwise, receiving the vaccine will be equal to any healthcare worker receiving their yearly flu shots.

Is the Moderna vaccine safe?

Moderna vaccine is the second one that has received a safety certificate from the Food and Drug Administration department. Besides, Moderna also has the permit for offering this vaccine for emergency use. While the vaccine approval came on Friday, December 18, Moderna started offering the same on Monday, December 31. Just a week before this, the Food and Drug Administration granted the Pfizer and BioNTech vaccine safety certificate.

Azar says that none of the Americans need to worry about this vaccine’s safety or any other that has an FDA certification. Moreover, these are going to be extremely useful in saving the lives of many. Plus, they will also be able to end this COVID-19 pandemic. While every state has its priority list for vaccination, health workers are topping all the plans.

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