Arizona State University Admissions Update- Everything You Need To Know


It is the dream of every student to get into a world-class university that opens the doorway to success and fortune. Arizona State University is one such university that has consistently proved itself to be among the top, and it is reflected in every ranking. The prestigious Times Higher Education ranking has placed Arizona State University(ASU) among the top 1% of the world’s most prestigious universities. Other rankings have ranked ASU among the leading universities for innovation and research. The research budget runs in millions, and there is no dearth of opportunities for young grads exploring their paths. The faculty at ASU is chosen from a pool of brilliant professionals who have long teaching experience and from the industry’s top professionals. 

Arizona state university undergraduate enrollment has released the dates for fall 2022 admission and financial aid dates. Apart from the enrollment at ASU, they also give students the option to take customized courses. This helps students do planned studies and ramp up the studies without needing to stroll at the regular pace of academics. ASU provides excellent job opportunities to its graduates, and more than 90 percent of students get placed within three months of completion of the course. ASU offers in-campus placement opportunities at job fairs, internships, résumé review sessions, and other personality-building exercises.

Types of Students accepted at the Arizona State University 

Arizona State University undergraduate enrollment is offered to a range of students from first-year students to transfers to Homeschools. ASU considers the application of the following set of students for its undergraduate and graduate courses:

  • First-Year Students
  • Transfers
  • Graduate
  • International 
  • Military/ Veteran
  • Homeschool
  • Returning
  • Non-Degree Seeking 
  • High School Student 

If a student belongs to any of the categories mentioned above, they are eligible to apply for admission to different courses at the ASU. It brings us to another moot question about the admission requirements. 

Undergraduate Admission Requirement at ASU For International Students

ASU offers admission to students from more than 136 countries, and it has one of the most culturally and ethnically diverse campuses. International students get the best-in-class facilities, and the admission requirement is also coherent to the globally accepted standards for undergraduate and other courses. Arizona state university undergraduate enrolment requires students to fulfill the following criteria:

Academic Requirements for international students

The secondary school grades must have a 3.00-grade point average (GPA). The university also looks at the grades and other works(if applicable) from 9th to 11th grade. The course-specific criteria are there, and it could ask for a certain SAT score to take admission to an undergraduate program. 

Conditional Admission at ASU for International Student

There are instances wherein meritorious students aren’t able to perform well in English. A student with a good aptitude need not be well-versed in the English language. Applicants who meet the academic (aptitude) requirements are given a chance to improve their English while studying at ASU. The conditional admission at ASU basically gives students the chance to improve their English so that they can be more productive in classes. The conditional admission is good for up to three semesters, after which the student has to meet certain requirements to be able to start at the ASU. 

Competency Requirement For International Students 

Since the curriculum in the US is usually diverse from the rest of the world. In fact, every country has a unique style of teaching, and the curriculum is different. But when it comes to studying abroad, a student must fulfill a minimum academic requirement that shows their competency to pursue a course at an American university. Arizona State University has the following the competency requirement for international students:

  • Math: four years (algebra I, geometry, algebra II, and one course requiring algebra II as a prerequisite).
  • Laboratory science: three years total (one year each from any of the following areas is accepted: biology, chemistry, earth science, integrated sciences, and physics).
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For Indian students, one needs to have a Higher Secondary School Certificate/Higher Secondary Certificate, and the students have to have English proficiency. 

English proficiency for international undergraduate applicants

For international students, it is important to be well versed in English and must be in a position to read, write, understand and speak the language fluently. The academics are conducted in English, and it becomes important for students to have a certain level of English proficiency. In the midst of a pandemic, ASU has allowed students to take the test with the help of the Duolingo English test in addition to the in-person TOEFL, IELTS, and PTE English proficiency exams. The Duolingo tests are conducted with the help of a computer that has a camera, audio, and reliable internet. It will be a 45 min test and assess the applicant’s reading, writing, listening, and speaking ability. However, where test centers are open, the students can take the TOEFL, IELTS, and PTE exams.

Arizona state university undergraduate enrolment Process For International Students

International students should follow these steps for admissions to an undergraduate course at the ASU:

Filling the Undergraduate Admission Form At ASU

There are three forms that students can fill, but in any case, out of all the forms, a student has to fill only one form out of these:

  • ASU’s application for admission
  • Common Application 
  • Coalition Application 

ASU doesn’t see these application forms differently, and they are all treated the same. So, it doesn’t matter which application form a student fills, and the process will be the same regardless. Students have to make sure that they fill only one application form, and in any case of multiple applications from the same candidate, one of them will be canceled automatically by the system. The application fee is non-refundable in any case.

Non-Refundable Fee Submission 

International students have to pay a non-refundable fee of $85 or INR 6360. The non-refundable fee can be paid by logging in to the ASU account created when filling the undergraduate admission form. The students can also send a check or money order to this address:

Admission Services Applicant Processing

Arizona State University

PO Box 871004

Tempe, AZ 85287-1004

Students who are applying via the common application and coalition application can pay the money through these applications. 

Sending Transcripts and Exam Results 

Students have to send their transcript and exam results from the school or the exam board. The documents that are not in English must be provided with an English translation, or else the documents will not be accepted. Students sending their mark sheet should send the following :

  • secondary school marks
  • Marks obtained in high school and board exams
  • university or technical school attended.

The documents must certify that the student has passed the exams with grades mentioned in these certificates to help ASU authorities finalize admission. 

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Test Results of English language proficiency

Students seeking admission to ASU must send in their TOEFL, IELTS, PTE, Duolingo scores. The scores can usually be sent directly by the test conducting body. Further details can be seen directly on the website of respective test conducting bodies. 

Documentation For Admissions

The documents that are submitted must be original and must have the seal of the institution issuing them. No photocopies, faxed, and scanned documents are considered original. The application process must precede the submission of documents. The documents received without a complete application process delays the admission process. 

ACT or SAT Scores

A student must submit the ACT or SAT scores for the course where the university asks for. The scores are not required for admission; instead, they are used for course placement or as supplemental information. 

Application Status 

Once the application is filled and documents are submitted, they are reviewed by the authorities at the ASU. Students can check the status of their application at My ASU using the ASURITE UserID that is provided at the time of admission. The ASURITE UserID is provided within three business days post completion of the admission form. It is sent via email, and those who have been issued an UserID in the past will remain unchanged even with a new application.

Deadlines for Admission To The ASU

Spring 2022
1st Nov 2021Application Priority Deadline
1st Dec 2021Enrolment deposit date (first-year students only)
10th Jan 2022First day of classes


Fall 2022
1st May 2022Application Priority Deadline
1st May 2022Enrolment deposit date (first-year students only)
18th Aug 2022First Day of Classes

These are the deadlines, and every applicant must mark these dates on the calendar so that they can keep track of the admission process. The admission process is very likely to follow these dates. Those applications that couldn’t be completed prior to the summer session will be considered for the admissions in the fall semester. Another thing that international students must keep in mind is that if they wish to start attending their classes by 1st May 2022, they should contact the admission services failing which the I-20s will be automatically created for the fall semester. 

Arizona State University’s undergraduate enrolment program has started, and now the students can begin the application process. If a student is seeking admission this fall, they should start the loan process and the visa applications. Since dates are too skewed, it’s in the best interest of the students not to miss the details. Also, the US has allowed all vaccinated students to come and join the universities. If the vaccination is WHO approved, students can fly to the US starting this November. The admission process is in full swing, and any delay may affect the studies at this point in time. 

Arizona State University has an effective networking system that lets international students connect with students from their country and help them understand the admission process. So, if an admission seeker wishes to connect with students from their native country to understand more about the university, the official website provides a platform to do so. The visa process also takes around two months, so it will be better to start with the visa process as well and the documentation

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