battery life of e-cigs

The Period Your E-Cig Battery is Likely to Last


The vaping industry has grown because of the increasing demand for e-cigarettes. Many people have credited vaping with helping them curb the withdrawal symptoms that are associated with quitting smoking tobacco cigarettes. We all know the dangers of smoking and how vaping has been experimental in helping a good number of people stop the habit. As the industry grows, more technology is being developed, enabling those who vape to have a good experience. The batteries used by different e-cigs models have been crucial in ensuring there are more convenient and portable. Because of the batteries, you can now vape in most places you go. Many are rightfully concerned about the battery life of e-cigs. Below is all you need to know about the battery life of e-cigs.

What is the Average Charge Life of Vaping Devices Battery?

Well, there is no specific battery life of e-cigs is supposed to last. It all depends on various factors that come into play. You have to take into account that different people use their vaping devices differently. The rate at which one vape will determine how long a battery will go without the need for a recharge or new batteries.

Things That Affect the Battery Life

As stated before, several factors will determine how long a vaping device’s battery lasts. One factor is the amperage of the given battery. Batteries with high amperage are more likely to last longer compared to others. The environment that you keep vaping devices in will not only affect the overall performance of the e-cig, but also the battery life. Batteries that are kept in a high-temperature environment will hold a charge for less time. It is essential not to use your e cigarette battery in extreme environments.

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Though using the device for long periods may significantly lower the battery life, a battery that is not used often tends to lose more power and will not function properly. It is essential to also note that the size of the tank will determine the amount of power used and the life of the battery.

Ways to Prolong the Life of Your Battery

Most vaping devices these days tend to come with a charge indicator. The vaping industry is gradually evolving as the technology used advances. Some time back, batteries were not rechargeable and could not hold power for long, but this has changed. Using the charge indicator in your e-cig, you can know the level of power in your battery, thus knowing when to charge it. Only charging the battery when the power level reaches below fifty percent has shown to help extend its life.

Tuning your e-cigarette off when you are not vaping is also crucial in increasing the period it is going to last. Make sure you don’t subject your batteries and vaping devices in extreme conditions like high temperatures.


It is crucial to purchase vaping devices that are of high quality to get the best experience. Make sure to follow the tips above to ensure your battery lasts longer when vaping.

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