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The subject of esports is a very controversial one. I’ve been playing counter strike for 5 years now and have been playing competitively for the past two, first as a lan-only player then as a semi-professional gamer/streamer after that. Talking about mine own experience, there are both good and bad aspects to CSGO esports. At its core, esports is a great thing because it provides people with an avenue to be able to enter the competitive scene by giving them tournaments that are open for all to participate in. It’s also beneficial because it gives players something to do and gives their fans something else to watch.

Although there’s just one thing that ruins the spirit of esports and that’s the money involved. Many people are playing in tournaments who don’t have a chance at winning because they simply cannot afford to dedicate themselves to it full time. And even if they were able to do so, there would be no future for them in esports except being a streamer.

What’s the good part of CSGO Esports?

The good is that it brings gamers together to compete for prize pools. Before CSGO esports, there were few ways besides big tournaments for players to prove themselves against others worldwide in counter strike. This means that if you are a player who enjoys testing yourself in an environment where your skill level is respected, you have the opportunity to do so. It also provides the incentive to create higher quality training for yourself, which can help improve your skill level.

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Esports is also good because it brings new blood into the community and introduces gamers to aspects of counter strike they might not otherwise see or know about. Many players who play casually on public servers would never dream of entering a community server, for example, but after playing a few hours of competitive they might get hooked. In my case it was the other way around – I started on community servers and one day a friend introduced me to a matchmaking system called ESEA.

There’s also positives from an organizational standpoint. There is always the opportunity to build up new communities by starting teams. There is now a collegiate division for esports, which means that competitive players will be able to interact with other college students (and compete against them).

Talking about the aspects of CSGO Esports:-

Another positive aspect of esports is that it has allowed players and teams to earn money and even make a career playing video games competitively. Before csgo esports, if you did not have an invite from a professional team or had otherwise failed to prove yourself good enough to play at such a high level, then your choices for a future in counter strike were very limited. Many players start out playing the game just for fun and later become esports stars through hard work and determination to improve their skills.

The downsides of esports largely involve other people’s attitudes towards gamers and video games in general. While it is true that some people waste too much time playing video games instead of spending it on more productive activities, I think most players would say that they only spend the amount of time on gaming that they are comfortable with. When people have negative attitudes towards esports or gamers in general, this can be hurtful to some mature players but may also encourage them to spend more time on their hobby instead of other activities.

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How does CSGO Esports impact everyone?

When I was first told that I would be writing about  CSGO esports, I had to think very carefully about the topic. As a player who has never competed professionally but has streamed my games live online and followed professional teams for years, I am not an expert on the subject. However, I am one of many players who have benefited in real life from playing video games competitively and who has had his passion for esports shaped by my own experiences with it. This is why even though I am not an expert on the subject, my opinion is still valid and deserves to be heard.

Concluding the topic on CSGO Esports:-

The topic of esports can be seen as both positive and negative for video game players. However, no matter how you see it, this form of competition has had a huge impact on many people’s lives. As a player who has only been serious about games for two years, I have had my eyes opened by esports and realized that video games can be much more than just a hobby to fill some spare time. It’s totally about whether you play casually with your friends or competitively for prize pools, the impact of esports on players’ lives is real.

Background information: I started playing online games competitively for prize pools in 2016, first as a lan-only player then as a semi-professional gamer/streamer since 2017. I have been playing CSGO Esports since 2013.

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