Benefits Staying Villa Goa

Benefits of Staying in a Villa in Goa


 When planning a trip to Goa, you will always have many accommodation options to choose from. You can stay in a basic resort or hotel, in a star-category property, rent an apartment, or you can stay at a luxury villa.The sun, beautiful beaches, watersports, churches, Goa’s rich heritage and culture, partying in the nightclubs, unique food… you can enjoy it all even better and make your Goa vacation truly memorable by picking the best place to stay. Here are some of the top benefits of Staying in a Villa in Goa.

Enjoy More Privacy

When you are holidaying in an exotic location like Goa, you want to relax completely and return home refreshed. However, often it can become very difficult to relax in a resort or hotel. Because, there will be kids running everywhere, loud neighbors waking you up in the middle of the night, jostling for the poolside lounger, all of which can be very annoying. A luxury villa for rent will give you peace and serenity.

You will have complete privacy. Stay away from the crowds and the prying eyes. You will have more freedom too. Enjoy a vacation just like you want. Swim under the stars in your private swimming pool, have a picnic lunch on the manicured lawn, or a poolside barbecue. Luckily, there are many private villas in Goa you can choose from.

Enjoy More Space

Most hotel and resort rooms have cramped spaces. There is hardly any room left once you have kept your bags. It’s even worse if you are traveling as a group of 4 people and want an extra bed fitted into the room. Also consider, you will just have 1 bathroom when you stay in a hotel or resort. Four people having to share one bathroom is always going to be difficult.

You will have much more space in a villa. The bedrooms are larger because it’s a house instead of a hotel where they deliberately keep the rooms small so that they can accommodate more people. In a villa you will have the entire house. Which means, there will be many bedrooms all at the price of a star-category hotel. Plus, there will be a living room, kitchen, dining area, and many villas even have outdoor gathering areas like a patio. The kids can run around in the lawn. You too can lie down on the grass if you want. This gives you more room where you can spread out and relax.

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Better Service

Enjoy the best of Indian hospitality at a luxury villa. Yes, in a few hotels you will find personal service providers, but the quality of service is never at par with what you will get at a villa. That’s because, their attention gets always divided between all the guests. In a villa, on the other hand, you and your group are the only people. So you get the complete, undivided attention.

Many villas offer housekeeping and chef services. Other staff includes the security people who ensure you have complete privacy, gardener, and the pool maintenance people. There are even villas in Goa with a gym or health club where you can ask for the services of an instructor. You will also find a few properties where you can take a yoga lesson. Villas also offer car and bike rental services.

Better Food

All Goa villas come with well-equipped kitchens. So if you want you can prepare your own meals, which is particularly useful if you are traveling with kids, older people, or those with special dietary requirements. On the other hand, if you stay in a hotel or resort, you will have to eat food, which is mostly greasy, spicy, and unhealthy.

Villa kitchens have everything you will need – a microwave, cooking station, refrigerator, coffee machine, toaster, dishwasher, and many other appliances. All cutlery and glassware is provided. Don’t want to cook your meal while on vacation? Ask for chef service. Eat food just like home while holidaying in Goa.

Best for Groups

A private villa is a great option if you are traveling as a group. All of you can stay together as a group and don’t have to share the common spaces, like you do in a hotel, with people you don’t know. All of you will still have your own private rooms so you can have your moments of solitude when you want. But you all can come together and socialize in the living room, library, media room, garden, and the swimming pool without anyone else bothering you.

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More Value

At first glance, a private villa may appear to be costlier than most hotels and even resorts. Think again. The fact is, when you book a villa as a group, the cost will be almost the same as a star-category hotel or resort. The larger the group the more will be your saving. You will find villas of all sizes in Goa. There are small 1 and 2-bedroom properties, and there are villas with even 5 and 6 bedrooms.

Also, you will get much more value for money when you pick a villa. Consider the extra space you will get, your own private swimming pool, personalized attention, and so much more. In a hotel, all you get is just the bedroom and the bathroom. You have to share everything else with the other guests.

A Villa Vacation Gives You a Different Perspective of Life

When you are holidaying in a villa, you have the time to relax and reflect in a very nice and soothing environment. The surroundings are comfortable and luxurious. The physical and mental peace you get gives you the time and opportunity to reflect back on life. Think of what is happening in your life. Make plans for the future. May be even see the world in a different way. Most of us don’t get such opportunities every day.

Goa is a top beach resort in Asia. There is so much to see and do here. You can have a busy vacation or a relaxing time, enjoying the sun and the sand. Make sure to pick the right accommodation for your stay in Goa.

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