Best Automatic Hand Soap Dispensers for Commercial Public Restrooms For 2021

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In the wake of the novel, Covid-19 hygiene has become a top priority for most public places. Specifically, hand washing has become a regular practice whenever you visit public places. 

Washing using soap has been cited as one of the most effective ways to prevent Covid-19 infection and spread. For that reason, commercial, public rooms have been forced to provide effective methods to wash and sanitize hands.  

Soap dispensers have been in the hospitality industries and workplaces and shown to prevent the spread of bacteria and germs. Besides, the dispensers provide an economical and effective way to preserve soap. They are the best alternatives to traditional soaps, which could get messy and slippery. 

If you plan to add a soap dispenser in the washrooms, you need to make the following considerations. 

The Dispenser’s Capacity

There are different ranges for different soap dispensers, some holding up to 300 ml and others exceeding liters. Since the public restroom is a high-traffic facility, you should look for a soap dispenser with the largest capacity to avoid constant calls for refills. 

The Dispenser’s Usability

Most of the readily available soap dispensers are operated manually. This means that you have to touch them to release the soap. Although the hands are later washed after touching the dispenser, the poor hand washing process may not be as thorough as it should be, leading to cross-contamination. For that reason, the best way to ensure enhanced hygiene in the public washrooms is to provide an automatic hand soap dispenser

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The Soap Dispenser’s Suitability

Ensure you understand the content you should add to the soap dispenser since modern dispensers also incorporate hand sanitizers. Check whether you can add alcohol-based gel to the dispenser. 

Wrongly adding the alcohol gel to a soap dispenser would corrode various parts such as the valve, which would take time and money to repair. Alcohol gels are also added to containers that do not allow evaporation, not to render them ineffective. 

Which Is The Best Automatic Hand Soap Dispenser?

  • Alpine Wall Mountable dispenser- It is a leading brand in the institutional and commercial market ideal for large corporations. The dispenser comes with different capacities, with the most common being holding 33.8 ounces. The dispenser is suitable for public places and conforms with the ADA standards as can be operated with only one hand. 
  • Safeline360 Touchless Automatic Dispenser– This dispenser holds up to 34 ounces and is best for high traffic areas. The dispenser’s three nozzles allow you to liquid drop, spray or fill foam sanitizers or soap. The dispenser comes with a two-year warranty and AA batteries that can deliver up to 30,000 sprays. 
  • Secura Electric Automatic Dispenser- It allows you to dispense up to 0.2 fluid ounces through the infrared sensor that can detect hands that are 2 inches away. The touchless feature makes it ideal for public places with the ultimate hygiene experience. 

Soap dispensers have gained popularity in public spaces to curb the spread of the Covid-19. Make the right considerations depending on the unique circumstances of the washrooms. Also, choose the best dispenser that will offer high-quality service for a long time.   

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