Best Tips On Choosing The Perfect Mixer Grinder And Juicer For The Kitchen

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One of the most important appliances in any kitchen is the multifunctional mixer-grinder-juicer. Its prime functionality is that it saves your time and energy from all the strenuous manual labour of chopping and grinding as people in the olden ages had formerly been doing. 

There are only a handful of kitchen utensils that offer multifunctional features. Bajaj juicer mixer grinder is one of them. You can mince meat or grind spices or make a glass of strawberry smoothie using just one kitchen appliance. Food processors are always a wise investment, and if you are in a dilemma about mixer grinder price, you don’t have to fret anymore. We’ve jotted down the best tips for you while purchasing a new mixer-grinder-juicer. 

You can go through them and follow the tips while making your purchase.

Power and Speed

Before zeroing in on the mixer grinder price, you must know its power and speed. Any juicer mixer grinder with 500W to 750W is good enough for a domestic kitchen. But Havells juicer mixer grinder HEXO 3 JAR 1000 W can go up to 1000 watts. Furthermore, it has a 2.5kg motor. It has a greater grinding ability than any other model in the market, as it grinds at 22000 RPM. You can also control the speed as per your liking and requirements. For better strength and support, always opt for a copper motor.

Speed Settings

Most mixers and grinders come with speed setting features that allow their users to have maximum control over the speed and the equipment itself. Havells juicer mixer grinder STILUS XL BURGUNDY 4 JAR comes with three-speed switches, which can be controlled based on your necessity. It also has a wider feeding tube that can cut whole fruits and vegetables. It will save you time by pre-cutting them into pieces.

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Size and Number of Jars

It is always better to have as many jars as possible and sizes that will fit in the juicer mixer grinder. If the quantity that you will be making differs from day to day, then it is safe to have options just in case. Make sure you buy a break-resistant lid. Havells juicer mixer grinder ENDURA CRESTA 4 JAR 500 W provides its buyers with four jars with a durable body. Leak-proof lids are a must. Otherwise, you will find yourself in a nasty food mess. Handling the jars is crucial, so choose ergonomic handles or leather handles for your comfort. 

Overload Protection and Maintenance

Havells juicer mixer grinder always comes with an overload protector as safety is one of the top-most priorities given by the company. If the appliance is overloaded, it will alert the user. This feature will save the motor from electrical damage due to fluctuation or overloading of ingredients in the jars. Maintaining and cleaning the jars before and after using them is crucial for your electrical appliance’s good hygiene and sustenance. 

Your Budget

It all depends on how much you wish to spend on a food processor. Mixer grinder price varies depending on their characteristics, features and purposes. If you are a heavy user, then spend a little more and opt for Havells juicer mixer grinder, which will last long. Each has a different price depending on what it can and cannot do. If you are looking for high-end features, it will cost you more than the basic ones. You will have to shell out more cash. If you are not looking to spend much, many mid-range choices will suit your needs.

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Warranty and Brand Preference

Warranty in any appliance is essential. Always look for utilities that offer 2-5 years of warranty. Maharaja Whiteline mixer grinder provides a 2-year warranty and 5 years of motor warranty, using which you can replace the product if it is faulty or has any malfunction. The brand also provides home services within 24 hours of raising the request. More than a mixer grinder price, people always go for a brand they have previously trusted, used, and liked when it comes to home appliances. Havells has a loyal buyer base, and if you purchase from the company once, you are sure to return.


There are numerous brands and innumerous juicer mixer grinders available in the market, which makes it difficult for the customers to decide which one will be perfect for their personal use. Multipurpose domestic appliances are known to be on the pricier side. It is prudent to shop from a place that regularly offers discounts and deals.

The Bajaj Mall is one such destination, where you can find myriad options with unbeatable discounts and deals. You can also use the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card to split the bill into interest-free monthly instalments (No Cost EMI). This makes purchasing any big-ticket item easy and affordable.

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