Just a couple of months ago, the majority of individuals were not taking novel coronavirus seriously. However, as the pandemic of COVID-19 began to spread rapidly across many countries, it left all surprised, and now the current situation has become worse for businessmen, employees, workers, and common people.

Some nations, including India, USA, Europe have come to a complete halt and no company was seriously considering remote working for their employees just over a month ago.

It is also a fact that due to the sudden turn of events; many managers and staffs have found their space not as office ready as they might have liked.

Multinational companies like Amazon, Reliance, HUL are making their employees work from home in order to ensure their safety.

Not having the right work from home essentials for remote work is one of the biggest hurdles in achieving a high level of efficiency in work. Without the right home-office tools, employees can face problems like, Lack of focus, Loss of productivity and motivation and so on.

So, I have mentioned the best essentials for employees and managers to work from home with efficiency and productivity.

Monitor setup is always a good idea, because almost all the work requires computer setup because of its multitasking functions and efficiency. It keeps records and data of all the work-related projects and files which is essential for the business to run.

It also decreases the workload and performs several tasks without any difficulty. For example, you can use your email on one-tab screen, while browsing the web or other tools on the different tab. It will also give you a comprehensive view of what you’re working on.


Noise cancelation headphones let you work in peace, without getting disturbed by a sudden, loud bark of my pet dog or my kids yelling and shouting at the most inappropriate time.

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A good pair of noise-canceling headphones do an incredible job of blocking outside noises, so you can focus on the workload in front of you, without getting disturbed time and again by unwanted noises. If you don’t want to get an expensive headphone, you can simply get a pair of cheap earbuds.

And the best feature is that it works both ways, you will be able to clear the conversation on the other line clearly as well as isolate your voice from external sounds.


You should get some handy physical office supplies, like notepads, planners, pens, and paper, stapler, permanent markers, etc., and place them on your desk to make your workspace look like a proper office.

Write things down on a notepad, it will help you in remembering important points. Having a printer or copier will also help, depending on the type of work you are doing.

Overall, make a list of essential supplies you would need in your home office, so you don’t have to run around when you need them.


Remember home office is not only about having office furniture and supplies, and few essential gadgets to work with. You should always place a couple of flowerpots and essential oils for natural scent, which also helps you feel relaxed. Adding some houseplants and fixing arts and sceneries on your walls can enhance the atmosphere and elevate your mood for productive daily workflow.

When it comes to remote work, it’s amazing how little things can make a big difference. Using the best work from home essentials goes a long way in creating a positive, productive environment in your home office besides relieving stress to a great extent. Since we really don’t know when we will be back to our regular offices, we should make our home offices well-equipped with the right tools.


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