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Brief History About The Art Of Window Tinting


Window tints are quite popular in the time of today. With almost every second car holding a car tint on their windows, there’s a huge amount of options available in the market while you look for the best car window tints. The demand might be at its peak as we know it today, but where did it all begin? What was it like when window tints didn’t exist and when they were a completely new invention? In this article, we dive into a brief history of window tinting.

Even though cars were invented back in the late 1800s, it wasn’t until the 1960s – 1970s that window tints for cars were introduced. However, it wasn’t necessarily the first time the concept of window tints came to exist. During world war 2, several experiments were performed to create a barrier between the heat of the sun and the comfort of the car, however, the outcome always came out to be unevenly distributed.

The first window tint that was introduced turned out to be a polyester film. The window tint was introduced during this time with the hopes of being able to trap heat within the four doors of the car, making it easier to manage temperature levels during travel. However, this tint was neither transparent enough nor strong enough to be an effective tint. Moreover, they were a little too dark for comfort. With darkness levels of over 80%, there were quite a few people that were quite satisfied with the privacy they received due to these tints. Unfortunately, the darkness of the tint led to problems in visibility and inevitably caused a rise in accidents.

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“Dye-based” window tints were relatively weak and couldn’t handle the heat of the sun. Thus, they ended up raising the overall temperature of the car easily and formed bubbles as well. This led to an easy-peel within a short period of time.

After the dye-based window tints came the metallic window tints. These tints held a mix of both metallic and dye within their composition and were able to form a barrier of 50% towards the heat of the sun. During this time, several different colors of window tints were introduced, and placing window tints on a car window became more of a fashion statement than an actual beneficial investment. After the hapless events observed after the allowance of an 80% dark window tint, the darkness levels were reduced to anywhere between 5%-70%.

Finally, we faced the introduction of the best car window tints invented yet. The ceramic window tint comes in a series of colors and is capable of protecting you from the harmful UV rays of the sun whilst also allowing enough light to pass through the spectrum for no fluctuations invisibility. If you’re looking for car window tints in Woodbridge, ceramic tints are easily your best bet. With temperature comforts, blockage of harmful rays, and the allowance of no more than 50% darkness in most states, window tints have come a long way from where they originally started. Tint Pros Online can help you know more about the tint you need easily, with their history of satisfied customers as the testimonial to their success. Reliability and affordability are the key points of consideration while approaching an auto shop and that’s exactly why they can help you.

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The present will always seem to be the best in the stance of history. There’s much more to discover, much knowledge to be undertaken and new technologies to be introduced. What do you think comes next in the world of window tints?

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