A lot of celebrities, actors, actresses, models have had work done on their teeth (a completely undeniable fact, no one can have such gorgeous and dazzling teeth naturally). The pearly whites and perfectly lined teeth that they flash on the red carpet has nothing less of an extreme dental makeover and a professional dentist behind it. 

To know more on how to get a lookalike smile just like a celebrity has never been easier, thanks to Dr. Jignesh Kothari, celebrity dentist heading Invisible Braces, the best dental clinic in Mumbai. Dr. has reached out and enlightened us with information needed on how to get the smile of your dreams. 

Whether it is a perfect smile makeover or simply just a natural looking dental makeover, Dr. Kothari handles the trickiness of the issue with ease and allows the patient to experience complete comfort and security during the treatment. As a Diamond Invisalign provider and celebrity dentist, he feels proud and successful to see his patients satisfied with their brand new dazzling smiles at the end of the treatment. 

Everyone wants teeth that are appealing and great-looking. The perfect ‘Bollywood Smile’ isn’t achieved just after the work is done by the dentist. Post-treatment care and routine will prove much more effective if the patient follows instructions to the tea.

Coupled with advanced technology, cosmetic dentistry helps to improve your smile in the most advanced yet safe way. There are different treatments and procedures that pave a permanent way to getting your desired smile. 

Every celebrity, who is also our patient in the end, arrives at our doorstep having a planned type of smile they want, in mind. Hence, we work on customization of smiles in accordance with the required cosmetic dentistry treatment to suit the individual. With different colors, teeth shade and shapes, the treatment will prove success but not everyone will need a makeover. It isn’t like a regular checkup but required by those who are unhappy with their natural smile and want the perfect one. 

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These smile makeovers not only help with improving your smile but your overall face structure as well. That’s the reason, celebrities come to us for a dental makeover. Such makeovers enhance their personalities and self-esteem, making them more confident and appealing on the outside. 

The main cosmetic dentistry options are Invisalign aligners aka aligner braces, dental implants, teeth whitening, bonding, veneers, crowns and dentures or fixed bridges.  These options treat all kinds of dental problems related to:

    • Misaligned/crooked teeth
    • Teeth that protrude out/disproportionate with each other 
    • Discolored teeth
    • Excess gum visibility 
    • Teeth gaps and worn out teeth
  • Missing teeth 
  • Other dental issues like stains, ugly-looking dentures and crowns, etc.

No matter the issue faced by the patient, any dental problem can be fixed via cosmetic dentistry. If you are a celebrity or a regular patient, our team of dentists will study your case in depth and will lead you in the best way as per your required dental treatment and solution. 

Facts are facts. Every dentist has his/her own method of functioning. With extra gentleness, punctuality, extreme cleanliness and hygiene, minimal discomfort and the usage of advanced materials, how to search a good dental clinic with an experienced dentist?

The answer lies here, at Center for Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry and Invisible Braces in Mumbai. Dr. Jignesh Kothari who heads his team here has proved it for over 30years with a long track record of treating celebrities to adult patients to even kids. He has also successfully provided dental services to those residing in distant places and even overseas. 

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The work is channeled towards offering a comprehensive package of general and advanced cosmetic dentistry services for all patients. Long term dental hygiene and health is what we look forward to providing our patients with. 

In the end, to reach the patient’s goal is what a dental makeover is all about. Keeping the cost of the treatment aside, it is the happiness, satisfaction and maintenance of the best dental health received from the patient that meets Dr. Kothari’s final aim. 

Being a celebrity dentist in Mumbai, Dr. Jignesh Kothari has touched both, his patient’s and his celebrity patient’s heart and soul with positive vibes, amazing services and top-notch dental equipment. 

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