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Get to Understand Different College Guides of College Transfer in Kansas City


Since their establishment, Community College transfer programs have made it easy for students to go through their college education. Why? They have enabled students to settle for colleges and majors that they are comfortable doing and for the duration they want. For instance, many students transfer from colleges and courses in different colleges to settle on their dream colleges in Kansas City. However, students need to understand what every college in Kansas City needs to accept their college transfer requests successfully. Below are the guidelines from different Kansas City transfer college guidelines for different institutions.

Allen County Community College

The Allen County Community College offers different courses, and each course has its distinct minimum requirements that should be met before a student is admitted to pursue it. They offer a course in Biology, which requires at least five hours of study in both BIO 150 Biology 1 course as well as BIO 257 Anatomy and Physiology course before a student can be accepted for a transfer in the courses. For their Organic and Inorganic Chemistry courses, they require a minimum of five hours of study in the courses before admission is accepted. Students who wish to transfer to the college’s English Language and Communication Skills course must complete six hours in Communications, English, or Speech courses. On the downside, the college does not offer or accept transfers regarding Physics courses. 

Barton Community College

The Barton Community College has similar requirements as the Allen County Community College in Biology, Organic and Inorganic Chemistry courses for college transfer programs. They also accept Physics-related courses in their college transfer program where the minimum requirements to be met is one must have attended at least one lab session or three semester hours in a physics course. This prestigious college also accepts a Psychology course where a student must have at least three hours of study hours in a General Psychology course from the previous college. 

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Benedictine College

Benedictine College is a renowned college in Kansas that offers a wide range of courses to students. In their college transfer program, the college accepts students in Biology, Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physics, English Language and Communications Skills, Psychology, and Social Sciences and Humanities. The minimum requirement to be accepted for their college transfer program in Biology is five semester hours in Human Anatomy and Physiology course, while for Inorganic Chemistry in four semester hours in general Chemistry. Organic chemistry requires a minimum of three semester hours in an Organic, General, and Biochemistry course. To be admitted to the college’s Psychology, a student must have studied at least three hours of any Psychology course in their previous college. 

These are just some of the unique Kansas City transfer colleges that offer diverse courses that most students pursue. Their college transfer programs’ requirements and guidelines are standard and can be achieved by most Kansas City students that consider switching colleges or courses. Students need to research and understand all the guidelines and requirements needed by every college before applying for their college transfer program. 

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