fitness applications for University students

Cool fitness applications for University students


College students might want to get fit for the following reasons: improve their health, get a six-pack, or look perfect for the beach. This article explores cool fitness applications for University students , and regardless of the reason for fitness, this article has something for everyone. This article presents systematic tips like a trainer at no or little cost. For other tips for students, you can visit

Map My Fitness

This app records over 600 different fitness syncs and activities, using over 400 devices to offer users a complete picture of athletic performance. Users have a choice to search for local running routes. With this app, users can save data on calories, distance, and speed.

Skimble Workout Trainer

This app offers users numerous free workouts, with timed systematic video and audio tutorials. This app has a routine for everyone. Moreover, to develop workouts, users can access the library to develop custom techniques and share them. It has a premium subscription that comes with many features.

Nike+ Training Club

This app features workouts by professional celebrities and athletes. Exercise in this club focuses on mobility, endurance, strength with three levels of difficulty. The audio sound bites enable users to concentrate on workouts rather than the screen. You can also stream videos to your local TV.

Lose It

This app seeks to assist users in setting and achieve nutrition and exercise. Users begin by logging workout and nutrition using this lose its calorie counter, together with recipe builder with workouts organizer to stay within daily calorie intakes. Users have the option of joining existing workout groups.

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J & J. Official 7 Minute Workout

Veterans and beginners appreciate this app. It guides users through seven minutes of workout and advanced practices of variable strength and interval via short video clips. It comes with smart workout options that allow function as an individual trainer, and users can generate custom workouts.


With this app, users can watch both workout and Netflix. Users can focus on exercise routines and even create training plans. Users can also select whether they want to build a custom workout routine, stretching, cardio, yoga, and strength. The app generates random exercises that fit users’ fitness objectives.


This app runs on both peer pressure and gamification to encourage users to exercise practices. Users can research training and log them to score factors and gain accomplishments.


Exercise routines are counterproductive without a balanced diet to support them. This app will help the users on this perspective by operating simple nutrition and calorie counter with a repository featuring over 6 million food items. Users can easily search and monitor the food that they are eating.

30-Day Fitness Challenge Training

This app allows users to add variety to the exercise routine. The app comes with one-month programs consisting of full-body workouts and video lessons for every workout. Each workout has three difficulty levels together with two schedules per program. Therefore, these 30-day fitness workouts will enable users to exercise each day.


This app is about weight loss, so it is a weight loss coach. To achieve this, it steers people to real food diets. This app is for your dietician based on desired weight loss and fitness level. Users can monitor cravings for food levels, mood, sleeping, exercise, and food intake.

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