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Dab rigs vs. bubblers – the pros of using dab rigs


Many marihuana consumption methods are popular on the market today. Instead of just using blunts or rolling joints, new accessories have become commonplace in the smoking world. With bubblers, bongs, dab rigs, e-pens, and much more, you can choose the perfect marijuana consumption method that works for your specific needs!

Instead of feeling forced to try one method and one method only to get the best high, you can experiment with using various accessories to get the best experience for you. 

Let’s compare two popular smoking methods to see which one you will like the best. You can also buy online safely and conveniently anywhere.

Dab rigs vs. bubblers – the pros and cons!

To properly compare dab rigs vs. bubblers to see which one is best for you, you need to analyze the different qualities of each. By comparing the smoking technique, the cost, the safety, and the maintenance of each smoking method, you can see which one will produce the best experience.

Smoking technique

One way to compare dab rigs and bubblers is by analyzing the smoking technique and how you use each accessory. Which one is easiest to use, and which one requires the most set-up time? You can use your bubbler to smoke various weeds, such as flowers and tobacco, that you can purchase from any dispensary or smoke shop. When smoking these ingredients, you will also be inhaling various chemicals due to the combustion process, which can be unhealthy for your lungs.

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However, the concentrate will be burned below combustion level with dab rigs, making it healthier for your lungs. The vapor produces all of the flavor and strength of the high without adding any toxic chemicals that can be harmful to your throat and lungs. 


When comparing dab rigs and bubblers, the cost is another factor in which method you choose. A dab rig is more expensive since you need to purchase the add-on parts, like the nail and wand, but it can last longer than bubblers. The durability of dab rigs makes them a suitable choice when compared to other smoking accessories.


Dab rigs are sometimes considered less safe than bubblers since they use very high heat. However, after experiencing and getting used to the accessories, you can safely use a dab rig without any issues.

Ease of use

Bubblers are easy to use since there’s minimal set-up required. However, dab rigs need you to torch the nail until it reaches the desired temperature, add concentrate to the nail, and do this several times until you coat the nail. Although his process requires knowledge and experience, you can earn a smoother hit and a long-lasting high.



Cleaning dab rigs is very simple and easy when compared to bubblers. Cleaning the nail on your dab rig is simple by just burning or melting any concentrate and wiping it away with a rag. 


Using dab rigs when compared to bubblers produces a smoother high, less toxicity, a powerful high, and is easier to clean. Make sure you weigh the pros and cons of each smoking method before choosing which one is best for you and your needs. 

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