Australian Girls Love

Diamonds that Australian Girls Love


Diamonds that Australian Girls Love

Nowadays, the assortment of jewellery is so vast you can hardly keep up with novelties. With the introduction of gems, picking out a proper rock for an engagement band becomes even more complex. What advantages does the dreamy product have? Which stones are in high demand and what do Australian Girls Love? To lift the weight from your shoulders, we took the liberty to describe the most fabulous rocks that won the hearts of Australian ladies in 2021. Look through, and surely, you’ll find something to your taste.

At the Top of the List, Royalty of Jewellery World – Naturally-mined Diamond Australian Girls Love

Mined diamonds are one-of-a-kind love tokens that continue to be the most purchased type of stones around the globe. Mesmerising with their unparalleled glow, they are a befitting present for any milestone. Women of all ages and statuses fancy organic diamonds. As the famous CEO Alexander Lacik said: “Diamonds are not only forever, but for everyone.” Let’s see where does the perennial popularity come from:

  • Rarity is an inherent property of diamonds. A limited amount of these rocks is hidden beneath the earth’s crunch. No one can tell when the resources will run out. Consequently, their value is bound to increase in the near future. Don’t miss your opportunity and choose a shiny engagement ring now, while shops, like GS Diamonds, offer agreeable prices.
  • Diamonds were formed within the earth billions of years ago. If your partner desires the quaint and romantic accessory, organic brilliants fit the criteria.
  • Mined diamonds are characterised by the strongest durability. That is why they are a perfect gift with enduring meaning.
  • Natural diamonds are the most versatile. Their see through look matches all skin complexions and styles. They are basically like a black pair of shoes that every woman has to have.
  • They surpass coloured and peppered diamonds in radiance, drawing the attention of by-passers.
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Runner-up – Lab-grown Diamonds

Over the years, lab-grown diamonds have become a viable alternative to mined ones. Aussie couples purchase them because of the environmental-friendly approach and undeniable charm. Synthetic diamonds are grown using 100 per cent renewable energy and have the same brilliance as the original ones. Seems like a winning bet, but what exactly does the word “lab-grown” mean? Let’s figure out:

Lab-grown diamonds are cultivated in special facilities, devised to mimic the natural development conditions. They possess the same range of physical and optical qualities as mined ones. However, the debate on their “realness” is ongoing.

Synthetic diamonds look information to the mined ones and can be distinguished only by professional equipment. They are also graded by four major characteristics: Colour, Clarity, Cut and Carats. Since these gems are man-made, they are more affordable than traditional ones. You can get yourself a terrific deal by compromising on the structure’s integrity. Nonetheless, there are a few pitfalls you should beware of:

  • The value of lab-grown diamonds will decrease in the future because there is no supply shortage, e.g. reselling of the stone won’t return your funds. For this reason, collectors don’t view artificial gems as a beneficial investment;
  • While lab-grown diamonds evade mining issues, they still pose a threat to the ecology. Many companies follow a “dishonest” policy to cut unnecessary production expenses. They neglect renewable energy sources and use a lot of heat and pressure.
  • Lab-grown diamonds are a product of technology. Therefore, they lack an emotional appeal and uniqueness. If your partner yearns for symbolic meaning, the mass-produced stone is not something you want to buy.
  • Corporation giants sponsor Diamond labs. By selecting their product, you take away income from people who depend on mining in third-world countries.

Coloured Diamonds that Add Festivity

Many people have heard about rainbow gemstones, but few know about coloured diamonds. The latter have become the fad of the season in Australia. According to experts, the trend is going to expand exponentially in 2022. Coloured diamonds are up in a range of tints and shades. They are favoured by progressive ladies who crave extra chic and diversity.

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It may come as a surprise, but coloured diamonds are just as scarce as transparent ones, if not more. They acquire their hue due to the components present in the crystal. Each gem differs in brightness and saturation. To find the deep natural colour, one would have to scour several stores.

The number of these gems is finite, so they are of great interest to price-conscious buyers. In addition, each colour in the stone can serve as an association to pleasant memory.

Unpopular in the Past, Magnetic in the Present – Salt and Pepper Diamonds Australian Girls Love

Imperfections are great. While you might wish to avoid the bow-tie effect, some inclusions could make your stone sparkle like never before. As you might have guessed, we are talking about salt and pepper diamonds, the distinctive feature of which is the cacophony of blemishes. In their appearance, the rocks resemble the colourless galaxy filled with tiny black or grey spots.

Ironically, salt and pepper diamonds garnered fans with their casualness and low standards. While coloured brilliants are rare and pricey, “peppered” crystals are common. In fact, they are simply the diamonds that didn’t pass the “clarity” test.

We can determine the kind of inclusion responsible for colouring in most diamonds, but salt and pepper diamonds result from a mix. A myriad of blemishes (black, grey, milky, yellowish or orange) fall in to create an authentic look. They are peculiar in their way and glitter like fluffy snowflakes under the sunlight.

Salt and pepper diamonds are new to the market, so they haven’t been assigned to particular symbolism. If you ask us, we’d say these stones represent the beauty in little things and inspire us to accept ourselves for who we are. A truly magnificent rock to adorn your love.

The only concern for customers is their toughness. Although salt and pepper diamonds rank ten on the Mohs scale, they are prone to chipping because of the inclusions. You can choose a protective mounting or remove your ring whenever cleaning or washing. With careful treatment, salt and pepper diamonds can last a lifetime.

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