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Do we need a microwave oven in the kitchen?


Suppose you are in the market comparing microwave oven prices or checking various Ifb, LG and Samsung microwave models. But still have some doubts regarding the utility scope of this kitchen appliance in your home; you are in the right place.


If you are using the microwave only to reheat food items, then you are under-utilising the microwave. Read on for some fantastic ways to use the microwave oven before purchasing a new microwave oven that will not just amaze you but will also enable you to get the maximum value out of your microwave.

Make the Perfect Poached Egg

Pour hot or boiling water into a microwave-safe container and add a half teaspoon of white vinegar to the bowl. Crack the egg into a container and gently pierce the egg yolk with a toothpick or other kitchen tool with a sharp point. Cover the container with cling film and then microwave it on full power setting for 30 seconds. Remove the container, turn the egg side gently, and then microwave it for around 20 seconds. Your perfect poached eggs are ready.

Soaking Beans and Lentils

Suppose you are someone who often forgets to soak beans or lentils overnight. A microwave oven can save you from a lot of trouble in these situations. Soak the lentils or beans into a microwave-safe container full of water. Add half a teaspoon of bicarbonate soda or ENO to it. Make sure that the lentils or beans are fully submerged in water. Microwave the container at full power setting for ten minutes, and then let them inside for another forty minutes. Your beans or lentils will be soaked well by then.

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Re-hydrate Stale Bread

Cover the slice or loaf of bread in a water-soaked kitchen paper towel, and place them in the microwave oven for ten seconds. Keep repeating the method as required until you get the bread properly hydrated.

Restoring Crunch in Potato Chip

To restore the crunchiness in your potato chips, put them in a kitchen paper towel and place them in the microwave for 30 seconds. Keep repeating the method as required until the paper towel absorbs the moisture from the potato wafers and the crunchiness of the chips is restored.

Toast Your Spices and Nuts

If you wish to bring out the beautiful smell of seeds, nuts and spices, you can put them in a microwave oven for a short period of 15 seconds. Keep repeating the method until the aroma from the spices and nuts engulfs your nose. Your spices and nuts should be ready and toasted by then.

Disinfect the Sponge

Suppose you are in the habit of throwing away stained kitchen sponges after a couple of uses. You can now stop doing that. Rather, put the stained sponge into a container filled with water and one teaspoon of lemon juice or vinegar and place the container in the microwave at a high power setting for about a minute. This method will clean the kitchen sponge and disinfect it completely.

Disinfect the Chopping Boards

Just like the kitchen sponges, the chopping boards can also be quickly disinfected in the microwave oven. First, wash the cutting board in running water, and rub a slice of lemon on the side of your chopping board with the cuts. Place the chopping board in the microwave for 60 seconds, and your cutting board will be thoroughly sterilised. You could repeat the same method to disinfect dog and children toys.


Now you may start comparing microwave prices or place the order of your favourite Ifb, LG, Panasonic or Samsung microwave oven. If you are delaying your purchase due to budget issues, then we bring good news for you. Keep reading to explore more.

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