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Explore These 5 Next Big Things In Data Center Management


Now more than ever, data centers are becoming more crucial for governments and organizations. The increasing demand for data center products has led to the adoption of new and fast technologies such as AI that deliver better performance. The insatiable appetite to invest in hyperscale data centers by major tech companies has shown how vital these centers are. Let us explore some major trends shaping the Data Center Relocations Checklist landscape below.

Edge Computing

The rise of mobile computing and IoT technologies has put a strain on traditional data centers’ capacity. This has led to the emergence of edge data centers that can be deployed at the edge of the network. Edge computing transfers compute and storage much closer to the end-user, thus helping you to lower latency and increase capacity functions.

Using this technology, computing resources placed closer to where the data originates, eliminates the need for data to be sent back to centralized data centers. The results are increased application performance and less demand for bandwidth,which significantly reduces operational and maintenance costs.

Unmanned Data Centers

Increased data needs require more servers, which in turn would require more staff to handle them. Owners of data centers face rising costs to hire admins to keep everything running smoothly, even in a small data center with a lesser or lower footprint. Faced with increasing operating costs and the need for more data centers in different locations, organizations have turned towards automation.

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The need for automated data centers has increased rapidly in recent years. Going into the future, software and equipment vendors, as well as edge computing specialists, are all looking into creating ‘lights-out facilities’ that are fully autonomous, requiring zero human intervention.

Robotics, for instance, could help design robots that can perform several functions in data centers while operating in significantly smaller spaces than humans. DCIM products are helping in the management of resources in data centers towards fully autonomous facilities.

Power Needs and Proximity to Power Sources

Energy or Power plays a crucial role in the effective running of data centers. With the emergence of mega data centers across the globe, there has been a sharp focus on meeting the power needs in these facilities. One of the solutions has been to set up a data center close to power producers. This would guarantee a steady power supply with minimal disruptions.

Companies are also embracing cheaper power sources such as solar, wind, and biomass. Green power has been adopted by major players, thus aiding the call for environmental conservation. Some governments even offer attractive tax benefits regarding electricity concessions and subsidies to attract data center facilities and companies.

Hyperscale Data Centers

Demand for the data center management products has led to the emergence of huge facilities that dwarf the traditional data centers. Hyperscale data centers are large facilities housing thousands of servers. They are run and operated by private companies. These facilities may contain over 5000 servers spread in huge spaces, often over 10000 square feet. Current estimates show that there are over 500 hyperscale data centers spread across the world, with more in the pipeline.

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Think of this as more of renting floor space in a warehouse. Colocation allows customers to rent equipment, bandwidth, and space in the data center management. This saves costs and helps businesses to focus on their core mandate.

Looking Into The Future

The data center of the future will leverage technology to consume less energy and become more sustainable. Edge computing will result in decentralized locations, giving the end-users better service. The need for more efficiency might result in a better infrastructural design for a data center operated by robots. With technology advancing by the minute, we might not wait too long before we start living this future.


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