FAQs About LAMS Motorcycles in Sydney

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Sydney traffic is getting worse as motorists spend over an hour each day stuck in gridlock. If you are envious about all those motorcycles navigating seamlessly around traffic in Sydney, there is nothing that prohibits you from buying one. Well, except for one thing–you need to secure a learner’s license and then buy a LAMS motorbike.  

Sydney, like the rest of New South Wales, has enforced a LAM Scheme. It means that if you are an R-E class license holder, you have the authority to drive a learner approved motorcycle. Depending on the category, you will drive alone or under the supervision of an authorised person.

Below are the most frequently asked questions about LAMS:

Where to Get the List of Approved Learner Motorcycles?

Bikes are classified according to categories, from Street, Adventure, and Scooter.  For a full list of LAMS motorcycles in Sydney, you can check out the official government website. Please take note that the list is always updated to consider new information. For example, some brands and models may be scratched off the list, and some would be included by the next cycle.

How Do They Determine Which is a LAMS Bike?

The Transportation Agency follows strict criteria to include a motorcycle in the LAM Scheme. The most important consideration is the power-to-weight ratio and not only the capacity of the bike. For one, 250mL models–with a few exceptions–are automatically included in the list. For motorbikes 251mL up to 600mL, they are also included with a few considerations. Nevertheless, the manufacturer will submit its motorcycle for assessment by the Transportation Agency. If it passes, it will be included in the next cycle. 


Can I Modify My Learner Bike?

You are not allowed to modify your learner motorcycle if the purpose is to improve engine capacity and power-to-weight ratio. For example, you cannot install turbochargers or superchargers on your bike. In the same vein, you are prohibited from buying big bore kits to be added to your bike. With that said, small alterations are allowed, such as changing the wheels and tyres, the fairings, lights, slip-on mufflers, and the like. 

How Much Should I Spend on My LAM Bike?

The easy answer is how much you can afford. Some say that you do not have to spend big bucks on your LAM bike because you will move on to another bike when the restrictions on your license are lifted. However, remember you will undergo a long process before you can drive unsupervised. At the very least, you will spend three years on your LAM-approved bike, so you want something you can show off while riding around in Sydney. 


Finally, to piggyback on the last point, there are several considerations before choosing LAMS motorcycles in Sydney. First, you need to make sure that you can afford it from a mechanical standpoint. You can expect some scratches, dings, and accidents since you are still learning. Make sure that the parts and components are affordable. For instance, a Japanese bike is generally more affordable compared to a Harley, and there are plenty of components and parts available, so your bike is not stuck at the garage shop. Lastly, you also need to buy a bike with a high resale value, so you get a good price when it is time for you to part ways with it.

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