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Find and Delete similar files from Windows PC


Every person clicks photos but for a perfect shot, he/she kept clicking a picture twice or thrice. This results in duplicate photos. Capturing pictures is not a problem, but clicking pictures with the same pose or angle is troublesome. These duplicate photos can cause various problems such as filling up your disk, create complications in your storage location, slow down your PC. To get rid of all these problems you have to delete all the same and duplicate pictures.

There are a ton of applications available to find and remove extra copied files. By running the best duplicate file finder on your system, you can overcome this problem. Here we’ve suggested some great duplicate file cleaner software, that helps you to detect and erase all the similar files from your system.

Best Programs to find and delete similar files

Duplicate Image Remover Free

It is the most convenient solution to delete all the duplicate and similar files. This basic solution will be particularly helpful for users who are working as image editors, for instance, photographers. Apart from the editors, common PC users also stored the massive collection of similar photos and files. They can also use this solution and keep their PC free from these similar files. Clearly an enormous number of copy documents take a ton of hard disk space and obstruct it. Among the duplicate pictures have the greatest size duplicates of documents in BMP format. Obviously, duplicate photographs and pictures can be found and erased manually, yet it takes a great deal of time. You can also save the scanning results report for further use in the future where you left.

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Duplicate Photo Finder

If you are looking for a solution that discovers accurate duplicate picture and also delete those pictures at the same time. Then you must try Duplicate Photo Finder, it is a fabulous tool, that automatically finds and deletes all your duplicate files in just a few clicks. Its interface is well-designed, which shows both files original and copied. With duplicate photo finder you can find your duplicate photos in your system and delete them with just a few clicks of your mouse. You can easily configure duplicate photo finder to search only for image format. You can also add the filter of image type JPG, GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, BMP.  It is an ideal program to find and delete duplicate files in just a few rounds.


If you have such a large number of pictures on your hard drive, downloaded and captured from a few distinct sources, it might happen you have numerous duplicates. In those circumstances, you need a simple and easy program that finds and erases all your duplicate pictures. VisiPics doesn’t disappoint you, it is the best tool that automatically finds and deletes all your duplicates pictures. The interface of VisiPics is very easy to use.

The application permits you to find duplicate pictures by utilizing three distinct channels i.e., Strict, Basic and Loose. VisiPics likewise permits you to search utilizing the “Auto-Select” feature which will mark pictures with smaller, uncompressed, low-resolution copies as duplicate pictures.


CCleaner is the most popular cleaner software in the entire world. It not only finds and deletes duplicate or similar files but also provides high security, makes your PC more effective and reliable. CCleaner is the perfect choice for detecting and deleting your all duplicate and similar files. It can be accessed by both i.e., professionals and beginners as it’s interface is very friendly, easy to use. CCleaner’s best function is that it provides updating patches from time to time. And helps us to keep CCleaner up-to-date. CCleaner permits you to choose which file you want to delete and also permits you to save the list of duplicate files into the text files. The main quality function of CCleaner is its junk file cleaner, but besides its amazing features, it also has some other built-in tools one of which is duplicate file finder.

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Duplicate Cleaner Pro

Deleting duplicate images is not an easy job because most of the duplicate image deleting software are all paid and licensed software and you have to pay a lot to delete your duplicate images. Here comes Duplicate Cleaner Pro as a savior for computer users who are worried about their high filled up disk spaces. Duplicate Cleaner Pro helps them to delete their duplicate images and free up their disk spaces. Duplicate Cleaner Pro searches for duplicate images from your computer. It can scan from the Zip folder or it can scan through your whole computer in just a few minutes. Duplicate Cleaner Pro browse through your whole computer and gives you a large list of all potential duplicates. And out of which almost all are unnecessary duplicate images, you have to just clean them up.

Above referenced are the apps and software by which you can use to free up your disk space and make your computer work faster. Duplicate images are a very big reason for filled-up disk space which makes your computer slower. You must delete duplicate images to make your computer impeccable, accurate and reliable.

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