The Honda 400ex motorcycle was first released by Honda Motors Company in 1999 and was in production until 2009. They may have had a short production life span, but the Honda 400ex motorcycle has not died in the hearts of those who saw its birth and were privileged to own or ride one.

 It belongs to a category known as the All-Terrain Vehicles (ATV). The release of Honda 400ex motorcycle was a game-changer in the manufacturing of ATVs back in the day. They’re very reliable and fun to ride too. 

Here is a full range of specification which gives the Honda 400ex motorcycle its famed popularity

Honda 400ex: Specification

  • DISPLACEMENT – 397cc
  • ENGINE – RFVC, 1-cylinder, and 4-stroke
  • COOLING – Air-cooled
  • BORE & STROKE – 85 by 70mm
  • STARTER – Electric starter
  • CLUTCH – Manual
  • CARB – 38mm piston- valve with accelerator pump
  • SUSPENSION – Independent double-wishbone with Showa shocks and 5-position spring reload, 8.2 inches of travel (for front), and Pro-link fully adjustable single Showa shock with 9.1 inches of travel for the rear.
  • BRAKES – Dual hydraulic 174mm discs for front and single 220mm disc for the rear
  • TIRES – 22 by 7-10 knobby radial for the front and 20 by 10-9 knobby radial for the rear.
  • TRANSMISSION – 5-speed transmission with reverse
  • IGNITION – electronic Capacitor Discharge Ignition
  • TOP SPEED – 72mph
  • HORSEPOWER – 28hp
  • FUEL CAPACITY – 2-6 gallons and 0.4-gallon reserve
  • HEIGHT – 43.7 inches
  • LENGTH – 72.2 inches
  • WIDTH – 45.3 inches
  • SEAT HEIGHT – 31.9 inches
  • OIL REQUIREMENT – 10w40 ATV oil
  • OIL CAPACITY – 2 Quarts

The 400ex also featured 30-watt front headlights that could be flashed at high or low beam. They are also available in red and black color.

Why Did They Stop Production?

Several rumors surrounded the abrupt stop in production of the 400ex ATVs even though it was one of Honda’s best-selling model for many years. We’re not exactly sure why Honda stopped manufacturing this impeccable bike model and replaced them with the 450 series. However, they were manufactured in large numbers back then and are still available for Sale on several websites.

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Can I Still Find A HONDA 400EX For Sale?

Of course! And in excellent condition too. Honda 400ex motorcycle is still available on several websites, especially those that sell used ATVs and the Honda website. Examples of websites and online showroom where you can find a Honda 400ex for Sale include; Zecycles, Craigslist, Amazon, Cycle trader, ATV trader, etc. Another good thing is that their spare parts are still very much available in the market.

Steps to Buying A  HONDA 400EX in good condition 

You may be looking to buy a used ATV instead of a new one. A Honda 400ex is one of the best ATVs that you around; thus, buying one is worth the investment. 

Here is a buying guide and checklist of activities to follow to get a Honda 400ex bike in excellent working condition 


  • Do your research. Buy from a trusted source. Make sure you estimate the cost of the ATV so that nobody takes advantage of you.
  • Ask questions. When they bought the ATV, you should always ask the seller how long they have used it, ask if they purchased it brand new, ask for maintenance and service records. It would be best if you also asked for replaced parts, modifications, accidents that may have damaged the frame, and so on.  
  • Inspect the ATV: First of all, confirm that the ATV is not stolen by inspecting the VIN and engine number for damage. Some thieves would try to erase the VIN or engine number by scraping it off. If you find the VIN, you can run it through the NCIB database to see if it has been reported as stolen property. Buying from a trusted platform like Zecycles helps you to avoid going through this hassle.  


  • Check the airbox for engine oil as this could indicate a problem with the engine, also check to see if the air filter is still working correctly.
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  • Check the engine oil to see if it’s too dirty or old. Clean engine oil is usually light brown in color.


  • Check the coolant. The presence of oil or particles in the coolant points to potential engine issues.
  • Check the frame for any breaks and bends and if you see any, ask for the cause.


  • Check the buttons to be sure they still work; check the switches for your headlights and taillights as well as your kill switch.


  • Check the tires to see if they’re worn out or not. This can help you estimate how old the ATV may be. This may not necessarily discourage you from buying because you can always change the tires.


  • Finally, just before you finalize your purchase, take the ATV for a ride. While doing your test ride, check the front and rear brakes, check all buttons, and run through all the gears. Listen to the engine sounds and confirm that it is normal. Abnormal sounds can be a significant pointer to a hidden problem with the ATV.

Where to buy the HONDA 400ex

You can check out ATV dealers around. If you belong to any ATV riding club, you can ask your fellow members where they bought theirs. Look out for sale adverts at sign up or payment spots. You may find a private seller looking to sell their used ATV. Be careful about who you buy from. Some sellers are not exactly truthful about the actual condition of their ATV.

You can also check websites like for dealer locations. One of the best websites to find a used ATV in good condition and at a fair price is Zecycles. 


Despite being a relic of the near past, the Honda 400ex is still a thing of beauty and a superb piece machine that you can rely upon to take you anywhere. However, finding one is good condition might not be so easy. If you happen to find one, endeavor to hold it tight.

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