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Food Preparation Appliances That Make Things Easy


If you are in the food sector, you already rely heavily of a wide range of electrical appliances to assist in the preparation and cooking of food products. Technology never stops developing and for the food industry, there are some innovative new appliances coming onto the market that deliver high performance with durability.

  • Cutter/Slicer Combination – This handy appliance can do it all and is perfect for high volume catering. The powerful 370W motor delivers great performance and with a range of special attachments, there isn’t much that you can’t chop and slice. A total of 4 blades includes slicing, grating and cutting discs that will transform the produce into the desired state, and with an appliance that is capable of processing 150kg of vegetables in an hour, your menu schedules will be met. While there are numerous manufacturers, Electrolux is the best brand for this type of equipment, as they have a long history of making catering equipment designed for commercial use. Search with Google to find their website and you can browse their extensive catalogue and learn about the features of their products.
  • Heavy Duty Food Processor – A very popular that can be found at Electrolux Professional online, world leaders in the manufacture of commercial food appliances. This unit has a 5.5 litre bowl capacity with variable speeds from 300 rpm to 3,700 rpm and a micro-toothed blade rotor for excellent performance at any speed. The appliance can chop, mince and grind all day long and is surprisingly quiet for such a powerful machine; if you have one of these in your kitchen, you have a very powerful tool to process a wide range of foods in various ways and large establishments might have 2 or even 3 commercial food processors.
  • Hand-Held Immersion Blender – One of the best products to be released in 2020 was the amazing hand-held immersion blender. Fully detachable components allow for a wide range of blending and the design reduces the chance of spills; speeds range from 500 – 10,000 rpm and the unit weighs in at only 4kg. The smart speed control regulates the power, ensuring a smooth and vibration-free experience and with twin fan cooling, the appliance can work for hours at a time. There are units that connect to the mains with a cable and also battery powered units that automatically recharge when left on the stand. It is obviously safer to use the cordless models
  • Heavy Duty Dice/Cut/Wedge Slicer – The stand-alone unit is the latest generation multi-application slicer can do it all; dice, slice, wedge and cut, this machine can prepare fruit and veg safely at an alarming rate. The aluminium frame is both light and sturdy, while interchangeable heads are simply to attach and detach and this heavy-duty machine can work all day and is very easy to clean and maintain. Special blade covers ensure safe operation and the unit is designed for small spaces and with such high performance, you only need a single slicer in your kitchen.
  • Commercial Convection Oven – Essential for every bakery, this all-round convection oven is great for baking bread, cakes, biscuits, pies and cakes. Internal fans radiate an even heat, ensuring the best baking results with an even brown glow, and convector ovens offer shorter baking times, which is great for a busy bakery. Of course, all your kitchen equipment needs to be maintained and serviced and a single contractor can handle all of your equipment maintenance, working when the kitchen is closed to ensure that your critical equipment is always read for work.
  • Rotating Rack Ovens – When you have a heavy schedule, a rotating rack oven is a godsend and while the appliance does take up a lot of space, you can bake multiple items at the same time. This oven eliminates patchy baking, where some parts of the oven are hotter than others, to give you an all-over glaze that is essential for cake and bread making. The supplier would be able to arrange a demonstration of the appliance, should you wish to test its capabilities and they might also have a few used units that would be cheaper. Here is an interesting article about how 
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useful kitchen gadgets to add to your holiday list.

  • Commercial Dough Roller- Sheeter – If you turn over a high volume of cakes, buns or doughnuts, this is the appliance to invest in. A 400mm width allows you to process dough in pre-formed sheets, although there are smaller units with narrower width, ready for shaping and cutting and as you would expect, heavy duty make-up ensures longevity. When you have a high demand for baked products, it is very time-consuming to roll out sheets of dough, plus it is hard to attain a level of mix consistency when doing it by hand. Your kitchen staff will warmly appreciate such a machine, as they will have the time to take care of the many tasks that come with the job.
  • Commercial Deck Oven – Available in gas and electric formats, a commercial deck oven can bake untold amounts of cakes, cookies and pies, making it a viable alternative to the convection oven. Stone or ceramic bases ensure high temperature performance, plus you can control each deck separately, allowing you to bake a wide range of products at the same time. This machine does take up a lot of space and if your kitchen is small, a convection oven might be a better choice, as space is at a premium. Click here for Australian government information on food safety standards, which we should all read.

In this highly competitive industry, you need machines and appliances that can deliver high performance and with the latest generation of commercial food preparation appliances, your kitchen will be well-equipped to deal with a high volume of work. These are obviously big-ticket items and when choosing commercial kitchen equipment, it makes sense to stick to the best brands such as Electrolux, leaders of state-of-the-art appliances that are designed for the modern kitchen or bakery.

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