Generation Y, or The Millennial Generation


There is an opinion that the Millennials (people born roughly between 1980 and 2000), or people from Generation Y are not responsible, loyal, and conflicted enough, which is why they change jobs too often. They shape and accelerate trends, but they don’t “grow up. They take a long time to learn and later have families and children. Moreover, in the article entitled “Millennials: The Me Me Me Generation” in Time Magazine, Millennials were considered to be self-obsessed narcissists. But is it true and which personal qualities are characteristic of the people of the Millennial generation?

Millennials are the generation of people whose youth fell in the period of rapid development of electronic and computer technology. Thanks to this period, we now can enjoy modern It technologies and gambling at Ivi Bet. The Millennials belong to the generation that grew up on the edge of the millennium. As children, they caught the usual life without computers and with games in the open air, and now they are well adapted to modern life with all its technological possibilities. They are well-versed in digital technology, and quickly find and process information, which gives them a significant advantage over the previous generation. However, they are infantilized, which interferes with both their personal life and their career development. Technological advancements have not only changed the way people live but also their mindset. Here are the key qualities of the Millenials to know if you belong to them or work with them:

  1. Millennials have grown up surrounded by digital technology and telecommunications. Already in their youth, they are used to computers, the Internet, and cell phones. The computer network and being “online” all the time are important components of their comfortable life. They were among the first to communicate with the help of the Internet and cell phones and mastered the computer for household use.
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A member of this generation, finding himself without a phone in an unfamiliar part of town, feels helpless. Millennials need a smartphone, laptop, or tablet and constant access to the Internet for everyday life. There is a logical conclusion from the previous point: Millennials are well-oriented in huge flows of information, they know how to find the necessary information and systematize it.

  1. Millennials are ambitious. They are much more ambitious than their parents: the world has become more open, and globalization and new technologies have greatly expanded the choice of professions. Therefore, Generation Y is eager to try different roles, to test new things, and is much less afraid to ask questions. 
  2. Millennials are used to considering themselves as special and being the center of a small world because in their childhood their parents gave them more time than ever before. This is a generation with inflated expectations of their work, and if they cannot express themselves fully at work or are constantly learning something new, they quickly become frustrated and begin to change companies frequently.
  3. Millennials love traveling. And traveling has become affordable for all people, so almost everyone over the age of 30 has been abroad at least once. By the way, members of Generation Y spend money on exciting adventures more willingly than on material values.
  4. There is a large percentage of workaholics among the members of “Generation Y”. They often refuse to take vacations, constantly strive to improve their skills, receive additional education, and improve themselves. Millennials are considered the most educated generation in history (about 27% of women and 21% of men have a college degree).
  5. Millennials are not in a hurry to get a job/marry/children, they want to live longer for themselves. They put themselves and their spiritual values first, and they value freedom. Of course, it doesn’t mean that Millennials don’t have families.
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So, as you can see, Generation Y is unique and people who belong to this generation have many positive personality traits. They are tech-navy and creative, they like freedom and challenges. 


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