Catalytic Heater

Getting to Know the Benefits of a Catalytic Heater

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A catalytic heater, blue flame conventional heater, or infrared heater are the only three options available that offer flueless gas heaters. While this is true, thanks to advanced technology, it is possible to combine the options to create a more advanced energy source.

Before purchasing Bruest Catalytic Heaters, or similar technology, it is a good idea to learn more about each one, which requires time and research. For example, each of the three technologies mentioned above uses unique mechanisms, and they have specific pros and cons. As a result, getting to know more about the heaters is essential.

The Catalytic Heater

With a catalytic heater, a catalytic reaction must occur for any heat to be generated. This reaction is completely flameless. It involves the use of some type of gas and a premium catalyst. A modern catalytic heater is extremely effective because it relies on the presence of the platinum catalyst to help speed up the reaction rate.

Because the heater is so efficient, there are higher levels of heat, carbon dioxide, and steam emitted during operation. With catalytic heaters, the process involves much slower combustion. This means reduced emissions of toxic or polluting particles.

Infrared Heaters

With infrared heaters, also called radiant heaters, gas is burned around a type of ceramic material that gets extremely hot. Once heated, the ceramic material is used to help radiate the heat in a perpendicular direction from the heater. To help increase overall efficiency, some type of catalyst can be used but, in most cases, these heaters do not require this.

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Catalytic Heater
Catalytic Heater

Benefits of Catalytic Heaters

For those who are unsure what type of heater to purchase, learn more about the benefits of the catalytic heater here.

Flameless Combustion

Because the catalyst is present to activate fuel oxidation at a lower temperature than the ignition temperature, the gas will create steam and heat without creating a flame. This helps reduce the possibility of a fire.

Safer Operation

Thanks to the slow combustion of the combustible gas, there is also reduced production of toxic or polluting particles getting into the atmosphere. This is another feature that makes today’s catalytic heaters so safe and effective to operate and run, even in smaller areas.

No Creation of Toxic Gases

With catalytic oxidation, only steam and carbon dioxide are created. This means the release of hydrocarbons, NO, and CO are reduced or managed.

Purchasing the Right Catalytic Heater

When someone wants to install a catalytic heater, there are more than a few steps to take to find the one they purchase. Look at the brands and options available and then find the option that suits a person’s needs and budget.

Keep in mind there are several options to choose from, so some time and research needs to be put into this decision. Being informed is one of the best ways to help ensure the right catalytic heater is installed and that it provides all the benefits that have been listed and highlighted above.

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