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Here’s why financial literacy is a vital lesson for high-schoolers – A touchy debate!


The contemporary schooling system should focus on equipping the future leaders for the world of payday loans and digital transactions instead of indulging them in impractical quadratic equations and not enough financial literacy.

How many of you second our thoughts on the conventional schooling system?

Knowingly or unknowingly, at some point in life, we all felt that high school financial education was never enough to teach us the necessary financial skills required to execute in the working world. Didn’t we?

Bizarrely, financial literacy is often suppressed and swept under the rug, even in today’s modern-day schooling system.

Seems like the present-day schooling system is falling short on viable learning opportunities that can hone financially responsible citizens for the future.

Money matters are no joke. Finance management is an imperative life skill every high school graduate must possess, and in this case, the sooner, the better!

It’s no secret that the lack of money management education in high schools leads to more than 50% of students in the UK unfamiliar to the Student Loan agreement.

It’s time that our schooling system starts making more individuals possessing a real-life skill rather than inundating the system with academic nerds proficient in factor equations and diagram sentences only.

Here’s how nurturing a basic financial literacy culture in school’s foster finance-optimistic high-school graduates.

But before I initiate that, here’s a rough sketch of financial literacy to make you better understand as to why we think personal finance belongs in high-school.

So let’s quickly jump into the ins and outs of money management.

Our perspectives on why financial literacy is an imperative life lesson

Financial literacy, unlike any conventional school lesson, doesn’t circulate around impractical algebraic quadratics. However, this life skill equips kids with the knowledge and skills required to make money management effective and successful.

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Besides, a perfect success recipe in a working life involves two major aspects, and that is money paired with a strategic spending approach.

Yes, these two leading factors greatly define one’s success in the world of work. Therefore, we urge scholastic instructors to work on in-depth streamlining of financial knowledge of students to ensure their entrance in the working world turns out to be a complete success.

Moreover, the blossoming money management trend is supposed to put a halt to the proliferating number of students dropping out as a result of external pressure.

Also, we genuinely believe that a student’s success is no longer confined to academic premises. The modern learning approach considers widening the literary horizon to welcome worldly learning opportunities that strengthen core life skills to guarantee a better tomorrow as successful high-school graduates.

Why do money lessons need to be dragged out from the horizon of exception to expectation?

Money management lessons are often paid with a lip service in our educational system when they utterly need to set a novel paradigm within higher education. So the future generation doesn’t have to live paycheck to paycheck or drowning in debt, falling short on optimism.

The conventional schooling requires to bring the finance management topic to the preparing student’s mind, which will assure that the system nurtures savvy individuals capable of reaching their money goals faster and wiser.

And frankly speaking, what’s better than students knowing the nitty-gritty of financing while possessing the most sought-after life skill of leveraging a Personal Finance Software.

Because a bunch of obstacles we encounter in our day to day life are mostly because of money and a wiser way to avert such complications is by turning to financial literacy.

This is the chief reason as to why money lessons need to be dragged out from the horizon of exception to expectation.

Money management to Assist Learners Master the Skillful art of Winning with Money

Today when our kids are capable of fluently pronouncing abnormally long words and dig out solutions for complex problems we must lay particular emphasis on making the young learners master the skillful art of winning with money in the schooling days

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Don’t you think introducing this smart generation to the life skill of money handling would set them free form future financial concerns?

Also, if the young brain becomes fluent in finance literacy at a tender age, the chances are that the kid might dedicate time and efforts to what he knows, to get the most out of his knowledge while he’s still in his budding phase.

So isn’t it even better to keep the evolving mind engaged and productive at the same time?

This way, the kid will develop the habit of creating short budgets for each month with his money, and possibilities are that the kid might become self-sufficient by the time he turns twenty.

Just envision the jump start your kid would get on life if, in the middle of high school days, if they already had the habit of budgeting, saving frequently, and spending prudently!

Well, to your curiosity, this is not a dream. Your kid can also be a pro budgeter by gaining imperative money skills at an early age. All of that is doable, but note dedication is key.

Wouldn’t you love if your kid balances a checkbook by the age of 15 or starts to pay for his academics as he enters the college without using student loans?

Well, that’s quite an achievement! To many, this may sound bizarre, but this is workable to some extent. Educationists must unveil the untapped benefits of money management to reap a fruitful future as a budget-oriented generation comes in action.

Furthermore, mastering basic financial skills also makes one a smart bargainer, which helps the high-schooler get pass the college life and beyond without needing to go in debt.

Just know that dorm life will eventually fade, but what will stay with you through the thick and thins of life is your skill to manage finances proficiently. So you better learn how to rent, keep a living space, and split bills with your roomies for smooth running of the ongoing costs in the working life.

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