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Hornets Defender Happy With Team


Christian Kabasele’s journey on going to the Premier League has not been easy. He had to overcome a lot of struggles and challenges before he became the player he is right now. He reflects on his happiness with the team as they continue to battle in the season. Hornets Defender-

Kabasele was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo before his family decided to move to Belgium. He says that the country gave him a shot at life and that enabled him to join and be a big part of the Watford Hornets.

‘If they didn’t (move to Belgium) then I wouldn’t be here, I wouldn’t have the life I have today. The situation at that moment was really difficult, there was a lot of robbery and violence’, Kabasele described the life they had back in Congo. ‘So they made the decision (to move) to give us a better chance for life. I’m proud of what they did for us because they left their family and parents behind them to give us a good chance for life’.

‘It’s quite unbelievable in five years how my life changed. Even when I was in the first division in Belgium I was dreaming about this, but I didn’t see it coming so fast’, Kabasele continued. ‘I was dreaming about the Premier League and now I’m playing here, I was dreaming about being involved in the national team and I’ve done this as well. It’s quite amazing’.

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Kabasele has shown strong resilience and confidence in the Hornets’ games. He played well in the Hornets’ turnaround run since Hornets’ new boss Nigel Pearson came and shifted the pace for the team. Pearson had a lot of impact in Kabasele and the rest of the team in just his first day.

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Kabasele is enjoying his life with the Hornets, saying he has found everything he needed in Watford.

‘I live in the town, but for me, I’m surprised that people are surprised when I say I live in Watford!’, he said. ‘For me it’s normal, I’m living ten minutes from the stadium and without traffic it’s 15 minutes from the Training Ground’.

He is pleased with the life in Watford. He and his family have no regrets in making that big decision to move out of Congo. Kabasele could have been playing for a different side instead if it wasn’t for that call by his parents.

‘So, there is nothing to be surprised about that I’m living in Watford, it’s a good town, there is a lot to do, there are good restaurants and there is always something to do with the kids. Sometimes (I get stopped for photos), it’s normal and part of the game’, said Kabasele. ‘It’s always a pleasure to give this to the fans because sometimes at the stadium it can be difficult for them to be close to us’.

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