Smart Bracelets

How do Fashion People Buy Smart Bracelets?


We are in the era of data. Intelligent bracelets that good for quantify exercise and control health have become the current popular trend. But in the face of many smart bracelets on the market, how to choose the right products? How should consumers who pay attention to appearance and trend choose? Today let this HONOR Band 5 review give you some suggestions.

1.An Attractive Appearance 

HONOR Band 5 features a large AMOLED display screen and a 2.5 D curved glass screen. It is exquisite without losing reading ability. And it can realize color display, even in the sun can read. What’s more, this smart bracelet has a total of three colors. Meteorite black, midnight navy blue and coral powder. No matter business people, ordinary users or adorable girls can find suitable colors. As the saying goes, everyone has a love of beauty. HONOR Band 5 with an attractive appearance can meet the needs of the public.

2.High-specification intelligent dial 

The HONOR Band 5 has a variety of switchable clock surfaces. It can provide users with an appropriate clock surface. No matter a formal business occasion or a lively salon cocktail party. Bring fresh and stylish intelligent experience to users. Let users stand out from the crowd and have a sense of presence.

3.Rich practical functions 

HONOR Band 5 has rich practical functions in addition to the above. For example, it uses artificial intelligence algorithm. Which can realize continuous heart rate tracking and allow users to master heart rate status at any time. At the same time, it has the function of tracking the blood oxygen saturation level. It enables users to see breathing conditions during exercise. In addition, it can analyze sleep quality and identify sleep habits. It provides more than 200 personalized suggestions. It can help users improve sleep quality to have a better sleep. 

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For sports enthusiasts, HONOR Band 5 is a considerate personal coach. It can monitor 10 kinds of sports including running, walking, swimming, etc. And realize advanced fitness tracking, provide users with advanced running plans according to monitoring data. It has 50M waterproof capacity. It can be worn all the way when swimming and showering. Help us to realize scientific and healthy fitness activities. 

4 Cool Phone Search Service 

People may forget where their mobile phones are in daily life. HONOR Band 5 has a telephone search service. Which can locate the mobile phone in real time and find it. Super cool. 

To sum up, HONOR Band 5 has excellent appearance practical functions. It can satisfy all the needs of fashion people on smart bracelets. The best choice for people to choose smart bracelets. 


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