How Much Is The Website Development Cost In India?

How Much Is The Website Development Cost In India?

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          In 2020, you must have a website, and it’s simply the necessity. On top of that, studies reveal that users are taking about half-a-second to make an opinion about the website you have. If you think it’s too less of a time to judge something, well, that’s how it is; because users have plenty of options today. If you can’t satisfy them, off they go to your competitor. In this way, if you want to survive, a website is a must for you, and not just any website, something which is designed very well. So, your obvious query should be, “What is the cost of Web Development India?” This is a valid question since the budget is equally important.

Honestly, giving an exact estimate is relatively tricky, as it changes depending on the sort of website, and the features required inside it. Generally put, on a normal, the costs can vary from anyplace around 2,500 -5,00,000/ – (rupees INR). 

It relies on which sort of website you wish to create. Additionally, there are different features required (or not), for example, the Hosting and the Domain cost of the Website, the cost of designing, the cost of content, cost of eCommerce functionality, Search engine optimization cost, advertising cost on Social Media, and so forth. The final price depends on all these factors. 

Website types with their costs:

Website for corporate: 

These kinds of sites incorporate data about your organization alongside its administrations. A corporate website worked by an engineer should cost around 20,000-50,000/- (rupees INR). 

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Product Inventory Website: 

Item Inventory Websites are those which are created to show the classes and items. In this manner, your customers can see them and send inquiries. The cost range from Rs. 40,000-1,00,000/- (rupees INR). 

E-commerce Website: 

An Internet business Website is your retail store online, and you need to create one if you wish to sell your items/administrations on the web. Here, along with showing the data and list of items, there is the need to incorporate eCommerce functionalities that cost you around. 50,000-1,50,000/ (rupees INR)

Websites that are User-based:  

Client-based Websites or web-based interfaces require features such as client sign up and login, searching and profile creation, and so forth. These sorts of websites require some complex procedure, and consequently, the costs may fluctuate as per your requests, and it may cost you as much as 2,00,000 – 8,00,00/- (rupees INR).  

The costs of Web Development Indiachange depending upon the sorts of websites. It is because of the different factors and features that may or may not be the website’s part. Underneath is some of the essential features and the costs which can be brought about on them. 

Factors Engaged with Formation Of Different Kinds Of Websites With Their Speculative Costs: 

Domain Name: 

Getting a domain name is the first and the most crucial feature in Website Development. HostGator, BlueHost, GoDaddy, Google, and others are organizations selling domains from where you can pick, which you need to recharge each year. The costs of the domain name are around Rs. 200-50,000/ – every year; however, Premium domains are higher.  


After getting a domain name, hosting is the next thing to consider. For the 1st year, free hosting is given by some Website Development Organizations; notwithstanding, past that year, you need to pay for the hosting. The charges are in the range between 1,000-10,000/ – (rupees INR) annually. If you are searching for hosting administrations for an Expert Website with custom applications and business activities, the costs might be as high as1,00,000/ – INR.  

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Website design is the thing that the users see the first and is the main factor for the development cost. The charges for it 10,000 to 1, 00,000/ – (rupees, INR) . If you are searching for designs that are custom-made, the cost is as high as 3,00,000/. (INR). The design incorporates factors such as the theme of website, Logo, Pictures, and so forth. With Google emphasizing mobile compatibility heavily, there is likewise the need to put resources into making a Responsive Design that people can see from any device. The costs are1,000-5,000/ (rupees, INR). 

Content writing: 

Content is the most significant part of any website, and the costs of a freelance writer or content writing office are unavoidable. Actually, you need to pick intelligently as your content will speak to you. The charges of Indian Copywriters will be round 500-3,000/- (rupees INR) for each page. 

Functionality and integration of E-commerce: 

Suppose you require your website to have the functionalities of eCommerce, such as item inventory, shopping basket, and so forth. In that case, you’ll need to bring about additional costs for integrating eCommerce into your website. The prices are around 2,000-60,000/ (rupees INR). 


When your website is designed and created, there is a need to keep up your website’s correct working after being launched. Developers of Web Development in India offer a yearly support administration for checking your website functionalities. The expenditure for such features falls somewhere between 15,000-50,000/- (rupees, INR). 


Aside from the above features, some extra discretionary features can fall into your web development budget. While picking your agency for Web Development in India or a Website Designer, don’t simply search at least costs. Check the portfolios, experience, past user reviews, etc. thoroughly to settle on a correct choice. 

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