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How to Backup AT&T Acquired Email Services? – A DIY Guide

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Want to understand the way to access & create a backup of AT&T acquired email services? If yes, then go through this blog. In this blog, we are getting to discuss by following the answer mentioned to backup of AT&T to different email clients.

What is the subsequent move if you’re a User of AT&T Acquired Email Services?

AT&T Inc. is the world’s largest telecommunication organization which has acquired many companies in itself. Thus the email services provided by those companies have been merged & now are provided by AT&T itself. This acquisition news has not yet reached to all or any users. Due to which users are facing issues while trying to use their services. We have mentioned a user query to increase your relevancy to what we are going to discuss further.

“How do I log in to BellSouth account? I have been using BellSouth for a long time. But now I cannot find the login page of it. What to do? Is all my data lost which was there in BellSouth? If so, how am I able to recover or access my data? Here is my id for reference-

Please help me!”

“I have heard the news that AT&T is acquiring and many other organizations. Does this mean that the services of will discontinue? Is there a need to migrate all our data to some other email client, before it happens? Please give me some suggestions .”

Not only BellSouth but many other companies that have been acquired by AT&T, whose users are facing similar issues. Here we have listed a few of them. If your account’s email Id looks similar to any of the following then you can relax as here you will find a solution to Backup AT&T Email

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All the above companies are acquired by AT&T and thus have provided how out for the users to still be ready to access their data. Whenever a user tries to log in to any of the above-mentioned sites. The site that appears is the login page of AT&T.

How to Log in to Your Account?

  • Look closely, you will see a ‘?’ mark corresponding to the ID/ Email tab. Click on it and you will see the following :
  • But when your id falls under any domain names. Then enter your credentials (email id & password) and log in to the site.
  • You would find all your account data in place.
  • This is happening because AT&T has merged all the services into itself & thus this is the link – that will appear whenever you search for the above-mentioned links. From where you need to sign in with your account email Id & password. Now you would be able to use all the services just like before.

Expert Solution to Backup AT&T Email Services

There are provisions available for users to require a backup of their account & migrate to different email clients like Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, etc. according to their needs. This can be done by using Transfer Emails which easily creates a backup of your complete account & export it in your preferred file format, for eg – PST.

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In this blog, I discussed acquiring AT&T to email service these issues easily confuse any user. But if you execute the solutions provided during this blog to Backup AT&T Email & Other AT&T Acquired Email Services. They can easily overcome it and go back to using their services just like before.


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