How to choose your mini-golf course?


Want to play in your backyard a small golf course? Why don’t you pick a minibar? Discover the different available models and review their advantages and drawbacks carefully to select from yours.

The mini-garden golf principle: last game for the kids, mini-garden golf, is to hit the club and send it to the track after an obstacle. The target is to hit a small ball. The ball is sent into the hole by each player with 6 strands. 7. Penalty stroke should be indicated before switching to the next track in the event of failure. The goal is to complete the course with at least a few strokes. Take into account the option of your mini garden Crazy Golf Game course:

Concrete compact mini golf model: compact concrete concept for indoor or outdoor small areas, weddings, parties extra lodge events, guest rooms, hotel restaurants, pony clubs. The gap is 50 cm long.PARC mini-golf model concrete: big concrete model for indoor use, either with a dark or daylight version, for leisure centers, parks, villages, camper.

The gap is 80 cm long both our mini golf courses can be shipped by container throughout the world.

Modular mini golf

Specific recommendations: want to buy a mini golf? We will work with you to plan a design report and advise you on the mini-golf that best suits you, whether it is for outdoor use or your indoor use, whether or not black light.

A miniature golf: key or extra eventsMinigolf can be complimentary to your Bed and Breakfast, hotel, pony club or main activities in a public or private recreational area. The Minigolf service is also available.

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Step by step, play a mini golf

Follow our guide to create a mini golf course for yourself, in order to create a mini golf course. You will have to make a plan to get going. Pick the correct location for an original path. Pay attention. Then ready the grounds for your mini-golf. Remove all stones and other things that may be hindered. Take 9 pieces of tapestry so you can conveniently place the ball inside the pit in front of you. Purchase a purpose-built tapet.

It is time for you to build hurdles. You need a box approximately 30 cm high, buckles and glue. to accomplish this. Next, using a craft knife or s to cut the box on both sidesApply the glue and through the spools on a glue to get ramps on the edges of a cardboard. Let the glue be placed to prevent easy damage to the bridge. Place it on the tracks of your minigolf once your ramps have been completed.

It’s time to start building your minigolf course tunnels after the ramps. For this, you just have to place cylindrical boxes on the road. Notice that to make them more esthetic, you can paint them. Eventually, to show each hole, you must add flags. You just have to put 9 cloth triangles on sticks to make them.



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