How to Clear Out a Home

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At some point, a homeowner may feel that their home is filled to the brim with things they don’t need. Over a person’s lifetime, a person can collect items while on vacation, at garage sales, as gifts from others, and on everyday outings. If the homeowner does not occasionally get rid of some things, their house can become cluttered and overwhelming.

Popular Reasons People Choose to Clear Out Homes

Some people want to clear the clutter in their houses to clean up their own houses. Other people may have to hire a Junk Reduction company to clean a home that they do not own or don’t live in. Popular reasons people have to clear out homes include after the death of a relative or loved one or after a tenant moves out.

Benefits of a Clean Home

Living in clutter is a nightmare. Many people report that they can’t think in a cluttered space. People whose homes have reached hoarder levels may not be safe in their own houses. Benefits of having a clean home include:

  • Mold reduction
  • Allergy reduction
  • Fewer tripping hazards
  • Reduced risk of fire
  • Fewer pests
  • Room to add new treasures
  • Space for activities

People also report feeling less stress and a sense of calm once they finally get their home cleared out and clean. A clean space can improve productivity and even improve the health of the people who live in the home. People report sleeping better after their home has been cleaned, and many people report getting sick less often when their home is clean.

Cluttered Homes Can Have Dirty Air

Clutter can hold in dust, mold, pollen, mildew, and other allergens, causing the home’s air to make those who live in the home ill. This is especially true for stuffed animals, clothing, and anything made of fabric. The fabric holds in allergens and dust mites, which can make those who suffer from allergies sick.

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To clean up the air in the house and reduce allergens, get rid of anything that is not needed, especially items made of fabric and softer materials. By tossing the dust trappers, the dust will leave the house along with the items. Those who live in the home may find it easier to breathe once the home has been cleaned.

Other Hazards of a Cluttered Home

As previously mentioned, a clean home is less of a fire risk. With a lot of stuff sitting around, many items could catch on fire. Every piece of clutter is another item that would feed a fire if one broke out.

On top of a cluttered home increasing fire risk, it can also increase the chances of a home resident slipping, tripping, or falling. Clear up the space to reduce the chances of someone getting hurt. The less junk sitting around on the floor, the fewer chances of someone tripping over items.

How to Get Started

The best way to get started cleared out a home is to make a plan. Pick a single room to start with, and clean from top to bottom or left to right. Do not start by trying to clean every room at once, as it won’t feel like those cleaning is making any progress. By cleaning one room at a time, a person will see that their efforts are paying off.

Pick a room to start with, grab some gloves and a trash bag, and get started. If the job is too big for the homeowner to handle, hire a company to help. The more people helping remove the clutter, the faster the home gets cleaned.

Where to Send the Junk

Homes that are full to the brim with junk will produce a lot of trash. Before starting, know where the trash and clutter will go. Will it fit into the home’s regular trash cans? Will a dumpster rental be needed? Many companies that assist with junk and trash removal will bring a truck to haul away unwanted items, clutter, and trash. Hiring one of these companies can make the process easier for the homeowner, as they do not have to worry about getting rid of the unwanted stuff.

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After the Job is Complete

Once the clutter has been removed from the home, a homeowner can get started rubbing down countertops and sweeping floors. With everything gone, the home will likely feel like a new space. Many homeowners report feeling calmer, happier, and relaxed in their clutter-free homes.

With a clean home, a person may have space for hobbies they once enjoyed. People that previously avoided being at home because they hated their clutter may find themselves enjoying spending time at their home again. After getting the house cleaned up, a homeowner will likely feel proud of their efforts.

Lastly, with a clean home, a person may feel comfortable having guests over. Many people who live in cluttered homes have panic attacks when someone wants to drop by the house. With a clean and tidy home, a person will no longer have a reason to fear having people over.

The One for One Rule

To keep the home from getting cluttered again, homeowners need to follow the one-for-one rule. This rule states that the person must take out one item for every item brought into the home. Those who have a history of clutter or a hoarding past should follow this rule to not end up back in the same situation as they were before.

Tossing Clutter is a Great Choice

In the end, the decision to clean up a home and get rid of the junk can be one of the best decisions a person makes in their life. Having a clean home is life-changing, and it is good for the people living in the space. If a person feels overwhelmed, they can always reach out to a clutter removal company for assistance so that they do not have to get rid of the items and do the work all on their own.

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