Enjoy Life In Brisbane: 5 Cool Tips!

How To Enjoy Life In Brisbane: 5 Cool Tips!


Brisbane, Australia’s third-largest city, has something to offer to everyone. Whether you’re a tourist or you wish to shift to this beautiful city permanently, there are countless things for you to do.

Did you know that in the year ending June 2020, more than 7.3 million visitors traveled to Brisbane to see the breathtaking views and enjoy its culture? So if you also wish to know how to enjoy life here, we have 5 cool tips for you!

  1. Enjoy an escape room

If you’re a movie fan, you’ll know what escape rooms are. Put on your detective hat and enjoy a thrilling escape room experience in Brisbane!

You, along with some mates, will be locked in a large room for about an hour, and using clues, you all will need to get out before the time is up. As the clock keeps ticking, you’ll need to think hard, work together, and figure out which clue leads to the next.

There are many escape room tours here, such as the Brisbane Private Escape Room quest for Wand of Illumination and the Private Escape Room Search for the Stone of Destiny in Brisbane. Depending on which theme you like, choose one tour and enjoy!

  1. Visit a craft brewery

No matter what else you do, visiting a craft brewery site in this city is a must. You can sample brews from some of the most exquisite boutique breweries. In Newstead, you can go to Green Beacon, Stone, and Wood, or Newstead Brewing.

If you’re in Milton, head to XXX, Milton Common, or the newer headquarters built by Newstead Brewing. In case you don’t know much about brewery tours and would like the help of an expert, you can even book a tour with popular organizations like Hop On Brewery Tours or Brisbane Brewery Tours.

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From experiencing Northside brewery hops to checking out the Gold Coast ones, there are endless options for you!

  1. Book special services

Are you visiting Brisbane for a bachelor party or are you going there for a work trip? If you’re up for a night of fun, you should most definitely book special services.

Brisbane escorts are among the most beautiful women all over the world and there are many websites that feature catalogs of women. Websites like Skokka or Scarlet Blue are top-rated, but you can visit there and then make a decision. If you’re worried about legal troubles, then you have nothing to worry about.

All kinds of escort services are registered and legal in Brisbane. However, make sure you get in touch with a legitimate organization before paying.

  1. Go on a jet ski tour

Want to feel the adrenaline pumping in your veins? Then what’s better than booking a jet ski tour? Jet ski Brisbane is an organization that conducts sea safaris and tours for the ones looking for some adventure.

You can visit them at the Gold Coast for more information and book a tour. For $240, you get the Jet SKi blast tour through the South Bank.

The Jet Ski Safari tour costs $320 and lets you cruise from Brisbane City to Moreton Bay along the river. Even if you’re planning to host a fun birthday party, you can book the extreme Jet Ski tour to give your guests a blast!

  1. Spot dolphins

Moreton Island is famous for its soft white sands and pristine sea life. It’s also famous for dolphin spotting and tourists never leave Brisbane without booking a dolphin spotting.

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The Moreton Bay Marine Park is the hub of all sorts of dolphin activities by bottlenose dolphins, loggerhead turtles, and dugongs. You can even spot a humpback whale or two if you’re lucky!

Spotting dolphins is always amazing and when you have a beach as beautiful as Moreton Bay in the background, there’s nothing more beautiful! You can opt for a dolphin spotting and Tangalooma wreck tour if you wish.

Over to you…

Even though there are hundreds of other fun things to do in Brisbane, these are the top 5. However, before you visit this lovely city, make sure you know and follow the necessary covid protocols. In some places, travel and tourism might be restricted so talk to the local authorities before booking any show or tour.

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