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How to Find the Best SSL Certificate for Your Business

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The HTTPS protocol encrypts the communication between the web browser and the server and prevents unauthorized access. If you have an e-commerce website, you must have an SSL certificate due to the stringent PCI-DSS guidelines. 

You must check the Google Search Console for any crawl errors. If there are any, you must attend to them and fix them. It could be due to pages that do not exist anymore or links that have been changed. You can also use software like Screaming Frog and crawl your site. Always check for any broken links and make suitable changes to your website. You need to use 404 redirects for webpages that cannot be found.

  • Use sitemaps and robots.txt

Your team must make the job of crawlers easy. You need to publish the updated robots.txt at the search engine. You may wish to block some pages from being crawled for some time. The robots.txt file needs to be edited and republished. Similarly, a sitemap is essential as it tells the search engine which pages and files are necessary on your site.

  • Write relevant blogs

Content is vital to bring visitors to your site, and marketers agree too. Statistics show that 57% of marketers opine that on-page content development was significant. Statistics also show that 57% of SEO experts believe that content is an essential aspect of SEO. Thought leadership and related blogs and articles will improve your brand equity and lead to more footfalls in your site. Also, you must not write long articles as readers will rarely read anything beyond 1000 words.

  • Use backlinks and deep linking

Your team must spend some time in securing backlinks from high domain authority sites. However, it would help if you did not buy links as Google penalizes this. Also, do a continuous search for any mentions of your brand. The team needs to undertake a backlink analysis of your competitors. You may then go through the results and have backlinks from the high ranking websites. 

Deep linking is the practice of linking your webpage to another using an anchor text. The anchor text must ideally contain the primary keyword. The search understands the depth of the webpage and is expected to rank it more often.

  • Link your website to social media

It is vital to link your website to your social media profiles. You can also allow the visitor to share your blogs and articles on their social media profiles. Using social media platforms, you can get more footfalls to your site. And not only Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, you must also post content on Instagram and Slideshare.

  • Undertake periodic SEO audits

Periodic audits of your website will help you to gather information about any issues on the site. It will help you plug any gaps in the website. Several free websites can help you, or you may take the help of an expert. It will help you check whether the pages are optimized for related keywords and whether on-page optimization covers all pages.

The URL formation also needs to be verified. The alt tags for all pictures and the pages need to have optimized links. Your website must adhere to global SEO best practices. Startups may have insufficient resources, but you must use these SEO tips to rank well during a keyword search. Bur, first, you need to procure an SSL certificate. A targeted SEO strategy can ensure a steady inflow of the required leads.

SSl certificate

Prominence and notoriety of the SSL Certificate Authority

You deserve the best things in life. Now that you do find the best SSL from the best authority. There are more than enough authorities that provide SSL certification in the market today, and they all are competing favorably to outdo each other. It is therefore wise for you to choose the best authority from the many.

You’ll notice the best authority by looking at its notoriety and the reputation it holds in the SSL certificate business. Its market share, broader responsibility, and state of the art infrastructure will tell you whether the authority is worth it or not. Have a closer look at the authority’s most recent and past history. 

Most of the Certificate authorities get banned by web providers. Therefore, while choosing an SSL, choose from a reputable company with a lucrative history. Your customers and visitors will always be on the lookout to ascertain who is providing you with SSL before they feel confident and secure in your website. Here is a list of the top SSL certificate providers that you can go for.

  • The Price of the SSL certificate

The Price of any asset speaks much about them. Bad things tend to be cheap, while classic things tend to be expensive. However, some SSL certificate authorities may be too costly when the quality of encryption they offer do not match that Price. There exist authorities that offer free certificates and others that provide them at a price. SSL certificates can be grouped depending on their level of encryption. Some are least secure and those that are most secure. The Price of the SSL certificate could also be affected by:

The brand of the SSL certificate; distinct SSL certificates are usually higher in terms of pricing, their variety is typically outstanding from the rest and may have other additional characteristics not found in simpler ones.

Type of SSL validation period; validation of the SSL certificate is generally carried out before issuing the certification. It is a very vital step in the security of your web page. Different certificates offer different kinds of validation.

Consider the Price of the SSL certificate before going for one. It is a very crucial point in deciding on the purchase of the certificate. Some certificates could be pretty expensive, yet the gravitas of the security with them is so low. Engage your brains so as you do not buy what is cheap but its result expensive.

  • Supplementary Security provisions

While deciding on the SSL certificate to purchase, consider acquiring one from authorities that offer certificates loaded with additional security tricks. This will help boost the security of your website. Supplementary security systems will be an upper hand to your business.

Customers feel safe when their browser engines do not warn them of any insecurities while operating in your website, isn’t that successful to you? Do not hesitate, look out for the most effective SSL certificate with a myriad of other supplementary provisions. Make your business website too secure for an attack. Sit back and plow the profits comfortably without any worries of cyber breaches.

  • Authority with customer care services.

Life isn’t a bed of roses. Things might get tough at times, and you may need support. While purchasing an SSL certificate, approach authorities that offer after-sales services, i.e. warranty, installation, and expert guide. Find an SSL authority that serves you all time customer care support in case need arises.

Customer attention is an essential element in SSL acquaintance. You are sure that you will be forever taken care of whenever things fail. SSL authorities with customer care services provide you with their contact information for you to connect with them at any time. That could be through chat, email, phone call or personal approach.

You won`t have to get nagged by SSL certificates that become problematic when faced by a challenge like you would have to with that with no customer support. The best SSL certificate for your business is, therefore that comes to you with post-purchase customer support.

  • Convenience

Choose a certificate from an authority that delivers in a matter of minutes. You do not need to wait for hours or days. Authorities like Comodo and GeoTrust are known for providing the certificates too fast.

  • Get from an Authority that provides you with an automated SSL renewal.

Your website may get hit hard whenever your SSL expires before initiating its renewal. Most SSL authorities lack a specific SSL renewal program; they focus too much on new certificates, giving little or no concentration on their renewals. The expiry of your certificate may open a loophole for a cyber-attack in a matter of seconds. To avoid such kind of nuisances, select the best SSL certificate for your business. The best SSL certificate will offer you reminds when you need to renew it, the best will have auto-renewals, and you won’t have to suffer threats in case of expiry.


The issue of finding the best SSL certificate for your business can be consolidated into one primary option, seeing the certificate from trusted and renowned certificate authorities. Ensure that you source for your SSL certificate from the best authority. Usually, the certificate from an authority that has practiced SSL encryption for decades will have the best elements, such as those highlighted in this text. The authority should as well be under annual authentication audit and ISO certification. Choose the certificate that meets the fundamental requirements. The ball is in your court.

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