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How to Improve Wall Decor of Home -15 Ideas

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Any house is incomplete without walls, so it is important to decorate the walls to give a new look to your interior. Let’s see how to improve the wall decor of home-15 ideas. 

The walls of your house have so much to say, so give them the makeover they deserve. Luckily, you can decorate your bare walls with the help of lots of tips and tricks.

 Let’s have a look:

Create an Accent Wall

An accent wall differs from another wall in terms of pattern, design, and color. You can make any wall of your room an accent wall. The wall looks like a master wall. You can highlight this wall with the rustic brick look, different color, and pattern than other walls. 

The geometric pattern is considered very appropriate for an accent wall. It stands out from the rest of the walls. It looks outstanding yet outstanding. 

Ceramic Plates Decor

If you are a crockery fan and have a beautiful ceramic plate collection, dedicate a corner to your interest. Hanging gorgeous plates on the wall looks chic. Hang it in the dining room or kitchen area. The vibrant colors and different patterns never go out of style. 

Macramé ganging

Arab weavers invented this soothing art in the 13th century. Macramé is hanging made out of thread and yarn. These hangings are gaining popularity again. The detailing looks very remarkable, and you can easily order them online or offline.

 Usually, they are white with different sizes and patterns. You can hang it on a wooden log or an attractive nail.

Shelves on your walls

Installing shelves on your walls is the simplest yet stylish way of uplifting your wall decor.

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Hexagon shelves with pretty plant potters and family photos look adorable. You can place your favorite books and pieces of art too. You can make your rustic shelves from old scraps of wood.

Large organizers with different shelves can be drilled on any wall. For example, you can place jars and eatables on the organizers in the kitchen. 

Mirrors on the wall

Give your wall a magical touch by hanging some mirrors. Mirrors of all shapes and sizes look catchy. You can hang them on your master wall. 

Wall map

A large wall map on the wall of your bedroom or study room will be a good idea. You can pin the places you have already been to. You can hang it on the children’s room wall; this will serve the purpose of informative decor.

A dedicated art gallery

On your living room wall or just above the staircase, you can build your personalized art gallery. Add a self-made photo frame, sketch, and paintings. This area can be dedicated to everyone’s talent: hand-made wall hangings and painted potters. Whatever your craft is, you can display everything gracefully here.

Further, you can update the basement wall with wall arts to make it look impressive. Here are some wall art ideas for basement decoration. 

Inspirational quotes on wall

If you are an optimistic person who loves to shower the ray of hope, hang your favorite lines on your walls. Quotes on wooden logs, in attractive frames or word cutouts, anything you like. Hang them over your study or in your bedroom.

In addition to the bedroom, you can hand these quotes on the walls of the basement too. 

Hang a guitar

Music lovers will love the aura of music in their house. Hanging a guitar in your rehearsal area will motivate you to practice and will enrich the decor.

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Go for wallpapers

Removable wallpapers are readily available. They have different types of finishes and patterns. See what suits your room, and they look gorgeous. 

Focus on wall murals

The mural is a painting of literally anything that executes directly on the wall. So if you have an artist’s hand, you can draw one on any wall of your house. 

Do something out of the box. You can also hire an artist who draws and paints different themed Murals. Let it be abstract theme-based. They will become the center attraction of your house.

Favorite photos on your wall

On the wall of your living room, hang all of your favorite family photos. You can also try beautiful photo prints of green plants and nature. You can turn a statement frame or different-sized frames. 

Cutouts of words

Make DIY cutouts of words like ‘FAMILY,’ ‘KITCHEN,’ or any phrase. Make direction arrows or paste ‘FAMILY’ in between your family photos. Give some lighting to it. It looks trendy. You can cut it out from cardboard or plywood.

Indoor plants

Hang little green and fresh vibes; plants never go wrong in any setting. Drill your pretty potters on any walls with indoor plants. Add some lights that will add ‘life’ to your boring wall.

Hang you bicycle

Suppose you are bored of your old band and DIY Repair Bicycle bicycle into fun colors, hang it on your wall. It can be inside or outside the fence, hang some pretty plants with and introduce some lighting to the setting. Trust me; Everyone will appreciate your efforts.

Mount your television

Everyone mounts their television basically on the wall, but why mount it traditionally? Instead, make an exciting wall TV unit with plywood. Make some vertical side shelves on it. Place plants, frames, or showpieces. This setting will take away the boredom and make your basic wall TV unit a fabulous one.

What’s more

There are numerous ideas for your wall decor. You have to revisit your space, look at all the walls, and think about what fits in according to your personality. Take suggestions from all your family members and give decor to your walls by keeping in mind everyone’s interest.




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