Urine Drug Test in workplace

How to Pass a Surprise Urine Drug Test in the Workplace Successfully? 


Nowadays, to enhance employees’ safety in the workplace and boost overall productivity, most employers conduct urine drug tests at frequent intervals. Many employees lose lucrative opportunities and high-paying jobs when companies perform a surprise drug test, and the report indicates the presence of drug residues in their urine samples. However, many individuals smartly beat a urine drug test in the workplace.

Almost every reputed employer wants to make sure that they and other employees are not at risk because of the employees who consume drugs and alcohol. As per a survey by the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, more than 14.7 million individuals in the US use illegal drugs. Nearly 70% of people from that drug users’ count are working professionals.

You should click here to obtain information in detail about Quick Fix synthetic urine if you use cocaine, smoke weed, and drink alcohol. Getting your hands on a highly advanced synthetic urine product can help you pass the most rigorous drug tests at work successfully.

You can smoke and drink at a party without any worry, even the night before you undergo a urinalysis test in the workplace if you have quality synthetic urine with you. Read on to know what compels companies to conduct drug tests and the best ways that most employees follow to clear such tests.

Crucial Reasons to Conduct Workplace Drug Testing

The majority of leading companies in the United States conducts drug tests to find existing employees and newly recruited candidates who are herb smokers and alcohol addicts. Workplace drug testing is standard practice these days as it helps employers create a safer and more productive work environment. Find out how employees often cheat drug tests at work.

A wide array of jobs with safety concerns require current workers and prospects to appear for drug tests often. Employers fire those employees who test positive for a urinalysis test. Hence, to ensure that you do not lose your job and rewarding opportunities and tarnish your reputation, it is vital to pass these drug tests safely and effectively.

Here’s why an employer conducts a urine drug test.

To Terminate Drug Addicted Employees – Almost every employer asks its employees to abide by its no-drug/alcohol policy. Drug tests make it easier for companies to find and terminate those employees who consume drugs and alcohol often.

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Work Safety Purpose – A lot of business enterprises need employees who are sensible and possess a commendable coordination level to perform their tasks. To ensure that each employee remains in the proper state of mind while they operate high-risk equipment, employers conduct drug tests.

Legal Prerequisites – It is paramount for organizations in the private and public sectors to adhere to state and federal laws to ensure the work environment remains drug-free. Be it a government or private, an agency could face legal problems if any employee violates laws. Therefore, drug tests are quite prevalent in both these sectors.

Besides the ones mentioned above, most employers conduct a urine-based drug test at frequent intervals to ensure that no employee tarnishes their image.

Most Effective Ways to Get through a Drug Test

You can cheat on urine drug tests smartly and effectively, even if you are a regular marijuana smoker, only if you follow the below-mentioned ways. Except for synthetic urine, if you opt for other methods to clear a drug test in the workplace, it is advisable to stay away from drugs for at least a couple of days prior to the test. It’s essential to know that one of the ways to keep the brain young and healthy is to stay away from drug and alcohol abuse.  

If you use weed, cocaine, or any other illegal drugs, here’s what you should use to clear a drug test successfully.

Cleanses – To eliminate or reduce the level of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in urine, you can use cleanses. However, know that it’s not the ideal solution if you have to undergo a urine drug test within a few days. To see results with cleanses, you need at least near around a month’s time. These are available on the market in liquid form, and you need to use them on a daily basis.

Detox Beverages – Although detox beverages are somewhat similar to cleanses, these drinks still work at a faster pace to help a person get rid of toxins and THC from the body. Many employees who smoke and drink rely on premium standard detox drinks as these can cleanse drug residues out of the system within a few hours. Chances are higher for you to test negative for drugs if you use a highly effective detox drink at least a couple of hours before a drug test.

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Synthetic Urine – Many companies manufacture and sell fake or synthetic urine offline and online these days. This particular urine type is similar to natural human urine in terms of physical and chemical properties. It is easier to beat workplace drug testing effectively if you use quality synthetic urine. Your urinalysis report won’t indicate any presence of THC if you smartly use fake urine instead of your actual urine. Make sure before buying and using this urine that it’s not illegal in your state.

How Long Does a Substance (THC) Remain in One’s System?

Many marijuana or weed smokers wonder how long THC remains in the body. If one such thought has crossed your mind, know that your cannabis usage frequency determines the duration THC stays in your body. You can feel the effects of weed only for a few hours. However, the traces remain in the system for several days. Learn about the long-term effects of cocaine on the brain if you are a heavy cocaine user.

You will certainly test positive for THC if you undergo a drug test within a few days after the consumption of cannabis. A highly accurate urine drug test that most employers conduct can detect fat-soluble metabolites (cannabinoids) in your body if you smoke marijuana or weed a few days before the test.


It is better to restrain yourself from using drugs for at least a month when your employer informs you of a urine drug test that they want you to undergo. If it’s a challenging thing for you to do, being a regular weed smoker, the best solution is to use synthetic urine. You can also follow other result-driven ways mentioned above to pass a urine drug test in the workplace successfully.



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