How to Prank Someone Using Apps

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Prank apps Gone are the days for practical jokes like Kick Me notes or fake cockroaches, as us oldies will just have to accept such tricks aren’t as cool as they once were. It’s 2020, and that means you also have to keep up with the times. 

Fortunately, you can always count on app developers that have always tended to popular demand. Through their talent and commendable expertise, you can employ hundreds of apps to ensure practical jokes remain a tradition to those who love the art of pranking.

However, you’ll need to pick the right ones to do pranking justice. Listed below are the best prank apps and the steps on how you can use them. Let’s review them! 

Ownage Pranks

Want to know how to prank call someone using apps? Try OwnagePranks! If you wish to perform a quality prank call, this is your best bet. It has a wide selection of automated pre recordings that vary with prank scenarios – an angry neighbour making a noise complaint or an irritated uber driver arriving too early. 

From these prank scripts, you can select a pre-recording that best resonates with your target. Some of these include ‘Stay Away from my Boyfriend’, ‘Neighbour Wifi Password’ and ‘Embarrassing Pharmacy Order’.

If you check the OwnagePranks website, you’d see how these scripts also vary in accent to make the prank call even more enjoyable and distinct. Furthermore, prerecordings use speech recognition technology to recognize keywords and even detect silence, so automated responses are as human-like as possible. 

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How it works is quite simple. All you need to do is to choose a pre-recording found under prank categories such as Dating and Love, VIP and Family, and will automatically play once your friends answer their phone.

After you have chosen the script, all that’s left to do is to select a number and press call. The phone call will be automatically recorded, instantly saving the file on the app for you and your friends to listen. 

Catch your friend’s candid reaction with a good scare

Recording your friend’s funny reactions in the past to a scary practical joke could be tedious, since you’d have to wait for the exact moment to take a picture of their reaction. However, thanks to newly created apps that are far more efficient, this is no longer the case. With ScaryPrank, you can do it hassle-free. 

So how does it work? Just tell the person you wish to prank that you are playing a new game,  hand the phone over and let them play. At first glance, it will appear as a game but soon after a scary image will flash on the screen. 

Afterward, reactions are automatically recorded in the front camera of your gadget, which perfectly catches the hilarious moment to share. Automated recordings not only save you the time to do it yourself, but never fail to miss candid reactions.

Crack Them Up With Cracked Phone

If you want to capture terrified reactions from your friends and loved ones, pretending their phone got shattered is certainly a trick that never disappoints. Of course, this is hard to do without the aid of a prank app, since actually breaking your phone is out of the question. Luckily, the Crack & Break It app has your back. 

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So, now that you know the trick, how does the app pull it off?

After installing and opening the app on their phone, you’ll be able to add simulated scratches and cracks to any of their photos. Afterward, make it appear like their phone belly-flopped on the ground after you ‘accidently’ dropped it. Once your friend sees the screen is trashed, it will no doubt cause some extreme reactions. For added comedic effect and to really rub it in, give them a belly aching laugh! 

TV Remote App

You might think that this app is not useful in doing practical jokes since it sounds more useful for changing channels, but that is not the case. You see, TV remote apps greatly assist pranksters in doing tricks. Let me explain how you can use them.

Download a TV remote app that works for your specific TV system. Once you have the app, you’ll be able to continuously adjust your friend’s TV volume or change the channel they’re currently watching (unknowing to them).

For sure, after a while your victim will go crazy, giving you the perfect opportunity to record their candid reactions. Just make sure you’re out of sight to pull this off properly. 

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