Comfortable Scrub Jackets

How to Select the Most Comfortable Scrub Jackets

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According to NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information), the average number of pathogens that a nurse uniform carries ranges from 1,246 to 5795 per square inch. Also, the reports state that the bacteria stay alive on uniforms for more than 48 hours, if not changed or washed with a disinfectant. Therefore, it is necessary to select quality scrub jackets to ensure the micro-organisms do not find places to hide.

Along with quality, you should also feel comfortable to work without any hindrance while dealing with medical equipment. Here’s how you can choose the appropriate scrub jackets that offer comfort.

Look for Variety

There are thousands of options available in the market and on e-commerce portals. Scan all the products and shortlist the ones that you like the most. Look for different fabric, design, color, pockets, stitching quality, etc. that you wish to buy.

Scrub-style jackets are usually made of durable and breathable material, and also have a sturdier look. If you want to buy something that will look trendy yet professional, search for more options. Choose the ones that will make you happy when wearing them.

Check the Size-chart

Scrubs are usually worn as an overcoat. Hence, the size may differ from your regular fittings. To ensure your comfortability, you must check your body measurements and then decide to buy the scrub jacket.

Usually, these jackets are designed in a stretchable fabric, but you have to consider your profession before choosing the design. It should allow free movement of hands and should not be too tight or loose in fitting. A tightly fitted scrub may also impede your breathing, or a loosely fitted scrub may get stuck into equipment at work.

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Search for Different Patterns

The designs of scrub-style jackets come in different patterns like long sleeves, sleeveless, V-neck, round neck, closed neck, zipper, button front, wrap-up, etc. Most of these jacket scrubs are stylish and trendy, so you must buy one that you will feel comfortable wearing.

You can carry one or two scrub jackets and then switch between them as per the shift hours. That way, you will be comfortable, and the chances of carrying contaminants will also decrease.

Know the Purpose of Jackets

The essential purpose of having a scrub jacket is to keep you warm and comfortable throughout your working hours. So, before you shortlist the scrub jackets, make sure you know your reasons for buying it.

For instance, if you want pockets or not to carry your pen, hand-diary, note-pad, etc. Do you like print work on your jacket or, you want it plain and simple? Also, some scrub jackets are densely knit, and others are designed in a comparatively thinner fabric. Whatever you choose, it should serve your purpose.

Easy to Wash

All the uniforms you wear at work do carry a certain number of germs. Hence, it will help if you buy jackets that are easily washable and not tough to maintain. The good-quality ones go through a slow process of wear and tear.

Look for soft, light-weight, and good quality scrubs that will last longer and be able to withstand the numerous detergent washes.



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