Wet Cough Naturally

How To Suppress Your Wet Cough Naturally


Being sick is hard enough, but having a lingering, productive cough can make it doubly hard. The body works overtime to fight infection, triggering the lungs to spasm and remove frustrating phlegm buildup. Although a natural act, you probably don’t want to hack throughout the day and night. Plus, sleep may work wonders for the immune system. Do you need to see a doctor for this aggravating cough? Most wet coughs result from viral infections, so antibiotics may not help. Instead, time and some homeopathic wet cough tablets often alleviate symptoms. Prepare today. The following are six natural ways to breathe easier the next time you’re under the weather.

1. Invest in a Humidifier

Your body coughs as a reaction to dryness and irritants. Postnasal drip moves down the nose and throat, removing the moisture., As a result, you experience soreness, redness and inflammation. Eventually, the phlegm moves to the lungs, getting sticky and hard to expel. If the mucus lingers, you could develop a bacteria infection. The body, therefore, coughs to bring it up.

Medical professionals coin this condition a wet cough because it brings up the harmful gunk. When you need a break, add wetness back into the airway. Humidifiers add dampness to the air. As you sleep or complete your activities, you breathe in the fluids. Your nasal passage absorbs the moisture as you inhale, soothing the nasal canal.

2. Use Homeopathic Cough Medicine

Many over-the-counter cold medicines contain high levels of sugar and manufactured chemicals. These additives could prevent proper rest, create jitteriness or interact with medical conditions.

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Search for something that heals and benefits the body, using nature as its base. A wet cough homeopathic remedy could improve sleep rather than interfere. Plus, they are safe for kids and adults with underlying issues.

3. Breathe in Steam

Focus on thinning the mucus. When it’s thick, you may struggle to get it out. However, the looser it becomes, the better for you. You can cough it up and out. Rely on steam to do the trick. Try taking a 30-minute hot shower or invest in a personal steam inhaler.

4. Try Honey

Research indicates that honey has the power to coat throats and reduce coughs. Before heading to bed, take 1.5 teaspoons of it. The honey coats the throat, working to soothe dryness, fight bacteria and lessen swelling. However, medical studies indicate that children under one shouldn’t try this method. Try it with older kids and adults.

5. Focus on Fluids

Stay hydrated by consuming at least 80 to 100 ounces of non-caffeinated fluid each day. Water, particularly, proves helpful in assisting the body. Flush out the harmful pathogens, and give yourself a physical boost to combat organisms.

Don’t accept a cough. Learn about the different cough types, and prepare to manage each one the right way. See a doctor if you struggle to breathe,  wheeze or have a high fever. Otherwise, you can likely handle your cough with natural remedies. Stock up on natural products now so you can experience relief when the next cold hits.


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