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How to Write an Article in 20 Minutes

How To

No one would want to spend more than 20 minutes on an article. Even the custom paper writing services do not take more time that. Why? Because they are well aware of each and everything related to writing an article. No one can spend hours on a single blog post; however, it does not mean compromising quality in any way. 

Therefore, some of the tips have been compiled for a better idea: 

  1. Keep an idea list: scribble the inspiration for a post in a word file or a notebook. Finding a topic for many content creators and bloggers to write about takes half of the time. Make a definitive list that will help you leap into a new post instantly when you think you are ready for a write-up. 
  2. Let your ideas incubate: it will take ages to think of something good for supporting information for your brilliant idea if you keep forcing it in. think about it for a few days and add up new ideas as soon as they pop in your mind. Give it a shot when you are all gathered with the best of your ideas regarding your approach. 
  3. Edit before you start: although you proofread after writing your article because it is a rule and a rule. However, it would be best if you did some editing beforehand to countercheck the article’s synchronicity and sequel. Eliminate some of the points that you think do not adjust within that particular topic and save it for something else. It would not go wasted. 
  4. Use bullet points: numbered points or bullet points like “10 ways to focus on work” can help the article be written more simply and easily. This would eliminate the issue of transition from one idea to the next. The best part is that the readers prefer to read lists because it is easier for them to counter their favorite part. 
  5. Keep it short: longer sentences give a dry impact to the article and obviously to the readers. Henceforth, if you intend to finish the article in 20 minutes, keep it under 500 words. It will be chockfull of information. 
  6. Come back later: do not force ideas to pop up in your mind. You are a human and not a robot that is designed to work accordingly. Do something else in the meantime, and let ideas come into your mind naturally. Open the document again if something strikes. You can do another blog post or spend a few minutes on each as ideas pop in. 
  7. Never save a good idea: you think of highly incredible ideas and think of saving them out of excitement. Do not save them to save you time later. Save your time now and act upon those ideas by transforming them into majestic articles. 
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You can be on your brilliant way to bring up excellent articles by following these simple steps. However, you can add up more tips, too, as per your choice. 

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