Is it safe to use an AdBlue Emulator?


If you’re driving a modern diesel car, you probably already know how annoying the SCR system can get.The SCR system, designed to reduce emissions in diesel vehicles, in itself is a very noble idea – reducing harmful emissions is great, but at what cost? The system requires a liquid called AdBlue to run, which itself isn’t very expensive, but over time can become a real nuisance.Not only that, but the SCR system is prone to breaking, requiring expensive maintenance and repairs – that’s why many drivers are using AdBlue emulators to save money. Is it legal and safe? Let’s find out!

What is an AdBlue Emulator?

If you’re driving in a country where you don’t have to meet the EURO 6 standards, but your car still has an SCR system, you won’t normally be able to simply turn it off. This can lead to many extra costs, including the cost of AdBlue liquid and repairs. With an AdBlue emulator, you can turn your SCR system on and off as you go, adjusting the setting to local regulations.

The ability to turn AdBlue on and off is what differentiates AdBlue emulators from a simple AdBlue removal procedure. Removing AdBlue and turning off your SCR permanently is illegal in many European countries. However, with the ability to turn your SCR on and off, you can drive legally in countries where it’s required, while saving money in countries where it’s not.

Is it legal to use an AdBlue emulator?

You should always check the local regulations to see if the SCR system is required in modern diesel cars in your country – if you’re living in the European Union or in the United Kingdom, you most likely are required.

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Fortunately, if you’re driving long-distance between countries, it’s perfectly legal to turn your SCR system off in countries where you can. It’s also viable for export vehicles – if you bought a European car, but are driving it in a country where you don’t need AdBlue, then an AdBlue emulator is exactly what you want to save money and protect your car from unnecessary damage.

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