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Luton Taxi to raise funds to help Covid-19 patients


In such hard times, when people all across the UK are going through economical struggle, it’s everyone’s responsibility to help each other by any means. Thousands of people are infected, millions of people have lost their jobs. Long-established businesses have been closed overnight and the pandemic seems to be far from over at the moment.

But there is definitely a light at the end of the tunnel!

Luton Taxi service has always been conscious about everyone’s well being, not just their customers’. Our taxi services have been used by people all across Britain, not just people from one particular area or only those could afford to hire first class taxis. We have always kept our customer’s safety and budget among our topmost priorities, which is why we have only grown our clientele in the last few months.

In such difficult times, when everyone – whether it’s a rich businessman or a middle-class taxi driver – is hit hard by the pandemic, we have taken the responsibility to help the suffering ones. Especially those who can’t afford to go for Corona treatment on their own expenses.

Surprisingly, it’s not just the cost of the treatment but many people live in such small houses that they can’t isolate themselves. This exposes their other family members to the virus – if they are lucky enough not to be infected yet.

For this reason, Luton Taxi service has taken the initiative to collect funds for building a small quarantine center to accommodate infected people with all the required facilities. At the same time, the collected funds will be spent on the treatment of those infected persons who can’t afford a treatment.

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Who are we?

Luton Taxis service is not a new service but a reliable and cost-effective taxi company that provides airport and station transfer services in different parts of the UK. For years, we have come up with ingenious plans to reduce the taxi fares and take the quality of our services to a next level, at the same time.

We have the cab you want and we have every kind of mini cab that comes in your budget. By using our web application, you can book the cab of your choice and know the estimated fare beforehand to avoid any misconvenience.  No hidden charges, top-notch customer support service!

Over the last few months, we have catered hundreds of airport and railways station transfers. Our growing clientele advocates our claim that we are top quality taxi providers in Britain that stay true to our commitments.

Furthermore, we offer corporate account services and allow you to enjoy numerous perks that very few taxi services in London offer. For a day hire, airport transfer or your station transfer, you can book a taxi online 24/7. Also, you can book your ride in advance so our meet and greet service picks you from your chosen sport and drop you to your destination without any delay.

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