Moving quotes; know the secret before you calculate the moving cost

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Hiring professional movers is crucial for a successful move. depending upon who you hire, how far you are relocating to and the size of the moving load , hiring professional movers can cost you anywhere between a few dollars and a multi-dollar bill. To ensure you are financially fit to pay for such charges, you must plan your moving budget.

The experts at Moving Apt state that getting online moving quotes is the best way to avoid getting surprised when you are charged a bill for the move. When you know the cost of hiring the movers, you can have a fair idea what to expect on the moving day.

The idea behind moving quotes is to ensure that the customer has a fair idea about the expenses he will incur for the relocation. While rogue movers can offer you a moving quote telephonically it is always advisable to contact the moving companies that offer you written estimates only.

Let us help you know all the important facts about moving estimates that will help you calculate your moving estimates effectively.

Types of moving estimates:

Binding moving estimates:

When you get a binding moving estimate from a mover, it means that the cost mentioned in the estimate will not change until and unless the conditions of the move remain the same. If you stick to the items that you first mentioned in the inventory list, the cost of the move will be equal to the binding estimate you received from the movers the first time.

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Non-binding moving estimates:

Just as the name suggests, this type of estimate offers you a rough estimate of the moving cost, based on the movers’ idea. The final cost that you will have to pay will depend on the weight of the inventory and the distance you travel in actual.  In this case, you will have to pay 110 percent of the written estimate at the time of the delivery.

Binding not-to-exceed moving estimates:

In case of binding not-to-exceed estimate you will have to pay the same amount as per the estimate but if the weight of the inventory is less, you can get a concession.

How to get moving quotes?

Today, almost every moving website provides moving quotes. However, not all these companies are credible and not every moving estimate is worth relying on. There are significant chances that you can get scammed with a vague moving quote and end up in great financial troubles. So, how should you get the best moving quotes? Here are a few tips that will help you get reliable moving quotes:

Never ever sign a blank document:

Never ever sign a moving estimate that is blank or incomplete. Also, make sure you maintain a respectable distance from any company that asks you to do so. Make sure you read the entire document and understand the terms and conditions before signing on the dotted line. If the company compels you to sign on an incomplete estimate, you must ask them to reschedule the move and then search for a credible mover.

Moving estimate based on weight are the best

The best moving companies will always charge you on the basis of weight. When you go by the weight, it becomes easier for the moving company as well as the customer to know how the cost is being calculated. Although a credible way of measuring the inventory is also by the volume, it is very intimidating.

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Moving quotes based on in-home inspection reports are the best:

If you want to get an accurate moving estimate, you better ask the moving company to send a representative at your home for in-home inspection. Moving estimates based on in-home inspection are very accurate as the moving company knows what they are moving.

Know the inventory list:

Along with the moving estimate, the moving company will offer you a moving inventory list with all the items details that they will be moving. This inventory list is also referred to as the cube sheet or the table of measurement. Ensure that you get a copy of the inventory list from the moving company and cross tally it with the items in your home. The cube sheet will also have an estimated number of boxes the moving company will transport.

Maintain flexibility with the moving date:

Moving dates are usually based on moving dates and you must check it. If you are being flexible with the moving date, make sure that you discuss it with the moving company. Ask about their flexibility status and what will be the effect on the moving price if you change the date.

As you get an estimate for moving, start planning for the move alongside. Make a bag of essentials, plan for the farewell to your loved ones and start searching for the best accommodation and neighborhood in the new city.

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