NFL Week 7 Preview 2021/2022


The 2021 NFL games were stacked up with a 7-week schedule of 6 teams for the entire season. The 13 games were distributed throughout the week before entering the crucial middle third of the campaign. From the outcomes, Arizona is still making the headlines because they have remained unbeaten. However, a training run of the team against Houston shifted the perspective of many fans as they were not sure if they would be in for one of the most competitive games in the nfl week 7 odds ecosystem.

One of the biggest games in 2021 came forth from the red-hot Ravens of Baltimore against the upstart Bengals. Today, the two teams are bettors’ double-digit favourites as the odds in the market suggest a possible week of blowouts.

That said, below is more insight into more previews and the best bets for NFL Week 7 odds in 2022.

Cleveland Browns vs. Denver Broncos

Denver was sailing on top of the clouds just three weeks ago when they came out unbeaten and flying high. That was before his major players sustained injuries and their schedule toughened, which caused them to lose their next three matches. However, they stand a chance of bouncing back as they anticipate going up against Cleveland after catching a real break.

Kareem Hunt and Nick Chubb will not be playing, as will Baker Mayfield, who sustained a torn labrum on his shoulder.

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A number of other great players in Denver and Cleveland are also on the injury report-an outcome that makes the contest less decent on both sides of the ball. Denver’s Teddy Bridgewater is also one less talent for the team as his performance is questionably listed following quad and foot injuries.

Dolphins vs. Falcons in Miami and Atlanta

The Miami Dolphins confirmed the ugly truth of not being a great NFL team. Their performance in week 1 in New England was a lucky escape, as the following weeks made them look more disjointed than in the previous matches. While the Atlanta Falcons are still in transition, they are really grasping the vibe of the game following two wins in their last three games. They are in a better position than the Dolphins heading into the Week 7 game, and it would not be surprising if they won by two scores.

Tennessee and Kansas City: Titans vs. Chiefs.

It takes special skills to relegate the Titans’ Patrick Mahomes to a secondary player in any match. Derrick Henry is sailing in the same boat as he is making a real push to be the NFL MVP with three touchdowns and 143 rushing yards against the Bills. For a running back, such an impeccable performance is career-defining, but for Henry, it is just like any other day in the office. While the Kansas City Chiefs are more deserving favorites with a high winning probability, the Titans could surprise with another level of statistical performance.

Ravens vs. Bengals in Baltimore and Cincinnati

The Cincinnati Bengals are an NFL force to be reckoned with as they are hot on the heels of the leading division and sit at 4-2 points with the Ravens. The star player, Lamar Jackson, was not very dominant in the previous matches but still took home a 34-6 win against the Chargers in the previous game. All eyes will be on him in the Week 7 NFL game to uplift the Ravens to a critical 30 point value for a win.

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All these games simply boil down to stiff competition among the teams. For that reason, the primary question is whether or not the money lines and bets for each team are too big.

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