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Pakistan’s Latest Cricket Matches: Icc T-20 Cricket World Cup 2021


Cricket is very popular among South Asian Countries like Bangladesh, Afghanistan, India, and Pakistan. In South Asia, Pakistan and India cricket teams are the best teams till now. Both the teams have world-class players and have won international championships as well.

The Pakistani cricket team is playing very well in the ongoing ICC T-20 World Cup in the United Arab Emirates. They have successfully qualified for the semi-finals without losing a single match. As of 11th November 2021, they happen to be playing the semi-finals against Australia.

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Pakistan’s latest cricket match- ICC T-20 World Cup 2021

  • Pakistan Vs. Scotland- Super 12

Pakistan beat Scotland by 72 runs on 7th November 2021 and entered the semi-finals. The match was held at Sharjah Cricket Stadium in Sharjah, UAE. Pakistani team won the toss, and they decided to do the batting. They gave 190 as the target to the opponent team. However, Scotland could not fulfill the target, as they could only collect 117 runs in 20 overs. Pakistan won the match by huge 72 runs and entered the semi-finals. Shoaib Malik from Pakistan was declared the Player of the Match as he scored 54 runs in only 18 balls.

  • Pakistan Vs. Namibia- Super 12

On 2nd November 2021, Pakistan played Super 12 against Namibia and won the match by 45 runs. The venue of the match was Sheikh Zayed Stadium in Abu Dhabi, UAE. The Pakistani team won the toss, bat first, and gave the target of 190 runs to Namibia. However, Namibia was defeated as they scored only 144 runs with 5 wickets down in 20 overs. Mohammad Rizwan became the Player of the match by scoring 79 runs in 50 balls.

  • Pakistan Vs. Afghanistan- Super 12

Pakistan won the toss, chose to bat, and eventually won the match by 5 wickets against Afghanistan on the match held on 29th October 2021 at Dubai International Stadium, in Dubai, UAE. Asif Ali from Pakistan won the Player of the Match title by scoring 25 runs in just 7 balls.

  • Pakistan Vs. New Zealand- Super 12

Pakistan won this match by 5 wickets, held at Sharjah Cricket Stadium in Sharjah, UAE on 26th October 2021. The Pakistani team decided to bowl first after winning the toss. Pakistan’s Haris Rauf won the Player of the match title by taking 4 wickets down in 4 overs and 22 runs.

  • Pakistan Vs. India- Super 12

This was one of the most talked-about and famous matches of this entire tournament. The match took place at Dubai International Cricket Stadium in Dubai on 24th October 2021. On winning the toss, the Pakistani team decided to bowl first. Pakistan had a remarkable victory over India by 10 wickets. Shaheen Afridi of the Pakistani team won the Player of the match title for taking 3 wickets down in 31 runs.

Therefore, Pakistan won all the matches from the beginning and reached the semi-finals.

ICC T20 semi-finals against Australia

The semi-finals held at Dubai International Cricket Stadium in Dubai, UAE on 11th November 2021 between Australia and Pakistan are Pakistan’s latest cricket match. In this match, Australia, who won the toss, decided to bowl first. Pakistan had given the target of 177 to Australia. However, Australia won the match by taking 5 wickets down. Australia’s Matthew Wade won the Player of the match title by scoring 41 runs in 17 bowls. Pakistan played the match very well till the end and gave a solid challenge to Australia. However, they failed to take the wickets down in the last overs and thus lost the match to Australia.

Therefore, New Zealand and Australia will be playing the ICC T-20 world cup finals at Dubai International Cricket Stadium in Dubai, UAE. The finals of the ICC T-20 Cricket World Cup will be held on 14th November 2021, Sunday.

Final Takeaway

The latest cricket matches played by Pakistan show that the team has improved quite impressively. Though Pakistan lost to Australia in the semi-finals, they made their position strong in the field of international cricket and acquired an excellent reputation. Therefore, the latest cricket matches of Pakistan have gone quite well than before. 

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