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Are you looking to blend images and sounds to make your audience feel emotionally connected to your video? Video editing is in much demand across industries today for its power to create engaging videos. 

Whether you want to create a corporate video, marketing campaign video, or music video, a good video editor must be able to handle all stages of production – from pre-production to post-production.

The pre-production stage comprises the planning and coordination and captures all the elements required to be featured in your final video. The post-production stage is where all the elements are edited together and combined to create the final video.  

Why is video editing important?

Just like you cannot create an excellent movie without a good director or a splendid shot without a skilled cameraman. Similarly, you will not be able to make a good video without a proficient video editor. 

Video editing is a valuable component in video production as it allows professionals to do the following:

1.Remove superfluous video footage

While creating a video, the best shots are selected, and unwanted footage is removed to improve storytelling. An efficient video editing software should be able to do this job well. 

2.Sound editing

Sound editing enhances the production value and delivers information seamlessly. It also evokes emotional responses, engages the audience, and elevates your video if your online video editor synchronizes the audio clips with video clips and adjusts volume levels.

3.Achieve the perfect flow

Maintaining consistent flow is an integral part of video editing. Audiences are not too fond of smash-cut scenes, as they prefer one scene to flow into the next one. 

4.Creating a cohesive story

The best online video editors, such as InVideo, do not provide services limited to film editing. Instead, they work on ads, speeches and help promote content on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms. Video editors need to understand their target audiences completely and communicate accordingly. 

Other advantages of the video editing process include: 

  •  Making the transition between clips
  •  Adding effects and filters
  •  Rearranging portions of video clips
  •  Reviewing 
  •  Taking creative decisions 
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Hacks for making dynamic videos 

The tricks followed by online video editors to provide you the best video editing experience are listed below:

1.Choose the right software

Instead of choosing the latest or trending video editing program, you should opt for an app based on its usability, features, and digital interface. It should enable you to fulfill your need to create powerful video content and also support your editing style. 

Remember, choosing the right software is the first step towards enhancing your video editing process. Some of the best video editing programs include InVideo, DaVinci Resolve, After Effects, Final Cut Pro, etc.

2.Learn shortcuts and important terms

Want to streamline your editing process? How about learning the shortcuts and figuring out what button will ramp up the playback and editing style! Below are the shortcuts you must know: 

  • Cutting on the action- When you want to create a more intriguing and fluid scene by cutting a portion of the video after each movement.
  • J cut- Audio precedes the video.
  • Jump cut- When you cut boring and unwanted moments to enhance the viewer’s experience.
  • Cutaways- Adding meaning to the scene by inculcating transition pieces to the main subject. It is performed to set the mood by showcasing the surrounding environment.
  • L Cut– Video precedes the audio.
  • Match action- Cutting two similar scenes altogether.
  • Montage- Usually used to show character development or transformation by showcasing the sequence of clips depicting the passage of time.

3.Watch tutorials

Watching free video editing tutorials is one of the best tips to follow to create great video content. The online video editor you choose must be feature specific tutorials that help improve your video content. 

4.Adhere to the 321 rule

A professional video editor will always obey the 321 rule. The rule suggests keeping three copies of everything you create. Keep two backup copies on two different media to ensure recovery, and the third at a different physical location.

5.Create a project and import footage

You, of course, need to name your project. Always ensure the name must be descriptive so that you have a clear understanding of what the project is about. You must now decide what project settings, such as the original resolution and frame rate, you want your video to be in. 

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Once your project is created, and the project settings are finalized, import your footage and other media files into the editor.  

6.Edit for the story

Why not go beyond the basics and do something creative? A significant takeaway from this guide is to remember your motto; to tell a great story through your video! 

Besides adding multiple effects to captivate your viewers, use your practical and technical knowledge, and correct the order of your clips along with removing extraneous footage. This will evoke the right emotions and deliver your intended message gracefully.  

7.Use a clean background

The background you choose to shoot a video must be solid-colored, clean, and professional. A messy or distracting background won’t work. Plus, the subject should stand some feet away to avoid casting shadows on the backdrop.  

8.Prioritize crisp, clear audio

Ensuring a good audio quality can be achieved with good microphone equipment. At the same time, you can maintain clear audio throughout the video by putting your microphone as close to the subject as possible. In case of any background noise, do not forget to eliminate it.

9.Use light and add effects

The idea of enchanting the viewers with your video is impossible without using properly placed light (soft light). Using soft light while filming indoors will not create a shadow, providing a positive vibe that is better for business and marketing videos. 

Of course, you can also film your video outdoors in the morning or evening (under natural light). But try to avoid doing it in the afternoon as the hard light can cast unflattering shadows on your subject’s face.

10.Add texts and graphics

Featuring text other than title, film credits, opening/closing billboards, and creating motion graphics is always a good idea to optimize videos and impress your viewers with your work.  

Hire a professional video editor!

Video editing is a meticulous process but can also be fun. 

When exporting your videos to the web for different purposes, the primary goal is to maintain the video’s good quality even after decreasing its file size. It is easier to upload and facilitate online viewing. 

The best online video editors always consider this aspect and provide you with all the tools required for filming, managing the sounds, light, and auto prompt (primarily required for news productions). 

Cherish the creative and fresh video editing styles and ensure you follow these tricks to make your video attention-grabbing!

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