Reasons Your Kitchen Would Benefit From Compac Quartz Worktops

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COMPAC Quartz is making its way into many homes as the preferred choice of kitchen worktop material. Offering the elegance of natural stones like granite and marble, COMPAC Quartz provides a durable worktop surface for kitchens.

Many homeowners may not be familiar with the term COMPAC Quartz or its purpose. However, the truth is that, of late, this particular material has found its way into many homes throughout the UK. While COMPAC Quartz in its entirety is engineered from natural quartz crystals, it provides a very elegant and durable surface to work on.

While COMPAC Quartz as a decorative stone finds its use in many areas of a building, including floors and staircases, the material’s most common use is in the kitchen as a worktop surface.

What exactly is COMPAC Quartz?

Compac quartz is a processed stone engineered from natural quartz and other materials like colour pigments and polymer resins. The finished product would contain about 93% quartz, along with 7% of resins and colour pigments, with the resins acting as binding agents. The result is a stone that is resistant to stains and scratches and does not need special care of re-sealing from time to time. This is why COMPAC Quartz is best suited for kitchen worktops and other food preparation surfaces, with COMPAC Quartz worktops easily lasting a lifetime with minimal care and maintenance.

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Available in myriad colours, textures and patterns, Compac quartz can be made to imitate natural stones like marble and granite as well. Each stone features a carefully etched design that looks stunning once installed.

Benefits of Compac Quartz Worktops

Limitless Colour and Design Options

Compac quartz stones can be engineered to reflect almost any colour or shade, from sky blue and snow white to slate grey, pebble brown, egg yolk yellow, fire engine red and so on. The range of colours and patterns achievable with this engineered quartz material is limitless. This makes it easier to choose statement pieces that be customized to blend in with the existing kitchen or room décor. The varied colour and design palette also make customization of Compac quartz worktops easier.

Amazing Customization Options

Process Compac quartz stones can be shaped and finished to reflect different designs. The individual slabs of Compac quartz are given shape and texture with the help of industrial tools. In this case, the individual slabs can be cut into multiple pieces and then fitted together to create statement worktop, floors, wall cladding, bars, etc. And it does not stop there. These slabs can be customized further with additional detailing like you can add hobs and draining boards for your ADA-compliant Kitchen Sinks | Commercial Ada Sinks
There is no limit to creativity when it comes to customizing compact quartz stones to fit any surface.

Ability to exceed expectations

If you have any apprehensions about using stone in your home, you can forget them with Compac Quartz stones. The engineered stones are 100% food safe and provide a great surface for food preparation. The non-porous surface makes these stones very resistant to heat, moisture, scratches and stains. Compac quartz is also resistant to harsh cleaning products when compared to other stone surfaces like marble, which can etch easily if it comes in contact with a harsh cleaning product. Added to this is the fact that Compac quartz worktops can be cleaned easily and require no sealing at all to retain their amazing properties.

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Ability to exude great strength

Being one among the strongest materials on earth, natural quartz stone accounts for 93% of the constituents in engineered quartz stones like Compac quartz. Thus, the strength or durability of natural quartz is passed onto these engineered quartz surfaces, making the latter extremely strong and durable. This makes Compac quartz worktops hard to damage or chip, thus ensuring that your kitchen worktop remains in perfect condition for many more years to come.



Quartz is cheaper when compared to marble and granite. It is this affordability quotient of quartz and its engineered variants like Compac quartz more appealing to families as well as businesses. Providing the perfect blend of durability and versatility at a price that meets the pocket, Compac quartz stones can be bought from any dealer specializing in Compac quartz UK. Many companies also offer lifetime warranties on these stones, thus reducing the costs related to the repair or replacement of Compac quartz worktops or other surfaces. These stones can help homeowners around the world achieve the house of their dreams well within their budget.

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